Class 3 Food Business

The main activities undertaken by Class 3 food businesses include the supply and handling of unpackaged low risk foods, or sale of pre-packaged potentially hazardous foods, which simply need refrigeration to keep them safe. Premises that usually fall into Class 3 classification are milk bars, convenience stores, fruit stalls selling cut fruit and wholesalers distributing pre-packaged foods.

Class 3 Food Business Requirements

Class 3 food business must comply with the following requirements:

  • Retain annual registration with Council.
  • Be inspected by Council when initially registered, or on transfer of the food premises to a new proprietor, and annually thereafter as part of the registration renewal process.
  • Keep completed minimal records about your food handling practices on site at your business. A full food safety program is no longer required.

For more information about specific requirements for different food business types as well as labelling requirements and cleanliness and hygiene, go to Health and Food Requirements.