Request a planning scheme amendment

Requesting a planning scheme amendment

Anyone can ask the Shire to undertake a planning scheme amendment. That includes a private land owner, consultant or a group of people. There is no form to complete in order to request a planning scheme amendment – you can simply send a letter. However,  we recommend that you contact our Strategic Planning Department via email at to discuss before applying. Please provide a short description of the amendment and your contact details and we will contact you to discuss.

It is important to note that Council is only likely to support an amendment request when it can be demonstrated that the proposed change will either address an anomaly or better support the Shire's strategic planning objectives expressed by various planning policies and strategic plans

A planning scheme amendment must be accompanied by the prescribed amendment fees which are to be paid at key milestones in the process. 

Fees for amendments to planning scheme can be downloaded here.(PDF, 219KB)