Information Available for Inspection


Council is required by law to collect and make public some information about councillors and council administration. In the interests of open and transparent governance, Council also publishes information that is not required by law. This aligns with our Public Transparency Policy(PDF, 165KB)

Councillor and Council Officer travel register

Register of interstate or overseas travel undertaken in an official capacity by Councillors or any Council employee in the previous 12 months.  The register will include the name, date, destination, purpose of the trip and any cost incurred by Council. 

No such trips were recorded in the 2020-21 financial year. 

Councillor Expenses

Council is required to set an allowance for its Councillors within the range that is set by the Minister for Local Government. 

Expenses are published on our website at the end of each quarter. View Councillor Expenses here. 

Election Campaign Donation Return

Under the  Local Government Act 2020 , all candidates in an election must provide a record of any donations or gifts valued at over $500. This includes in-kind support or gifts in the form of services. 

A summary of campaign donation returns is published here. 

Council Leases

Register of authorised officers

Council may appoint any person other than a Councillor to be an authorised officer for the purposes of the administration and enforcement of any Act, regulations or local laws which relate to the functions and powers of the Council. Authorised officers include health inspectors, parking officers and other local laws officers. 

Council maintains a register that shows the names of all people appointed authorised officers and  issues identity cards to each authorised officer. Please contact Council's Governance Coordinator to view this register. 

Register of Delegations

Delegations are a power or duty or function of Council that are delegated to a member of Council staff through a formal resolution of Council.

Baw Baw's delegations are based on the format prescribed by Council solicitors, Maddocks, with updates provided twice a year. 

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Personal Interest Returns

The Local Government Act 2020 requires Council's CEO, Councillors and any officers nominated by the CEO to complete initial and bi-annual personal interest returns. 

Section 135 of the Act requires Council to publish a summary of the most recent personal interest return lodged with Council. 

View a summary of Personal Interest Returns here.

Other documents for inspection include:

If you would like to inspect a document, contact Council's Governance Coordinator on 1300 229 229 to arrange a viewing time at Council's Drouin or Warragul Customer Service Centres.