Apply for Footpath/Outdoor Trading and Signs

Footpath trading contributes to creating vibrant towns. Baw Baw Shire Council supports these activities while ensuring that the needs of pedestrians and road users are met. Ensuring safe passage around the streets allows pedestrians access to businesses and ensures there is adequate accessibility for all users. It also allows business owners the benefit of utilising public land to attract customers to their shop with an A-frame sign, displaying goods or extending their dining area.

There are three main categories of footpath trading:

  • A-frame signage
  • Display of goods
  • Footpath dining

Footpath Trading Zones

The diagram below indicates the required distances for your footpath trading activities. 

 Illustration of footpath trading zones.

  • Before you can apply for your permit you will need to ensure that you have current Public Liability Insurance for at least $10 million and supply a Certificate of Currency. You will be able to get this from your insurer.
  • Unless your permit indicates otherwise, you will need to ensure that any signage, outdoor furniture or goods display is brought in at the end of each day.
  • When setting up your business, consider the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 to ensure that your business is fully accessible to all your customers. Adhering to the Footpath Trading Policy will ensure that pedestrians have clear access on the footpath.
  • If you are applying for an A-Frame sign it must not be more than 20m from your business.
  • You must display your permit at all times. 

Most importantly, when you apply for a permit you will be asked to acknowledge that you understand the Footpath Trading Policy. If you have any queries, the policy is available in full by clicking this link(PDF, 3MB), or you can call 1300 BAW BAW and speak to one of our Compliance Officers. 


The fee that is paid is a non-refundable application fee and annual permit fee. Pro rata rates may apply depending on the time of application.

All Applications

Application Fee



A-Frame (one sign per premises)


Display of Goods

Good Displayed (per square meter)


Outdoor Eating

Tables & Chairs (per square meter)


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We’re here to help! For more information please contact Council’s Compliance team on 1300 BAW BAW or by email.

If you would like more information on footpath or roadside trading, you can head to Council’s website and see the Roadside and Footpath Trading Policy.(PDF, 3MB)