Veterans Home Care


Veterans Home Care is a Department of Veteran Affairs program that supports veterans and war widows with low care needs to remain in their own homes. Home support services provided by Veterans Home Care include:

  • Domestic Assistance
  • Personal Care
  • Home and Garden Maintenance
  • Respite Care (in-home and emergency respite and approval for residential respite)
  • Other services such as Meals on Wheels are provided via normal Home and Community Care arrangements.

The Department of Veteran Affairs also provide community nursing, home modifications, other allied health services and rehabilitation appliances.

Elligiblity for Veterans Home Care

To be eligible for a Veterans Home Care assessment a person must be:

  • A Veteran of the Australian defence forces; or an Australian mariner; or
  • A defence war widow

And have:

  • A Repatriation Health Card – for all conditions (Gold Card); or
  • A Repatriation Health Card – for specific conditions (White Card)

Partners and carers are not eligible for Veterans Home Care services unless they have their own Gold or White card. However, they are still eligible for respite care if they care for a Veteran or war widow.

For further information call Veterans Home Care assessment agency for an assessment or review of Veterans Home Care services on 1300 550 450.