Septic Systems


Domestic Wastewater in Baw Baw

The greater Baw Baw area is known for its natural landscapes, agricultural productivity and successful communities. Part of protecting these values includes the sustainable management of onsite domestic wastewater (septic systems).

The Baw Baw Shire Council like all other municipalities in Victoria manages onsite domestic wastewater in accordance with the Environment Protection Act 1970.

Public Health

Poorly managed wastewater can cause negative health impacts both at the local scale (for example, a few people that come into contact with wastewater) to large numbers of people from untreated wastewater polluting drinking water supply.


Wastewater can increase the nitrogen and phosphorus present in local waterways. Increased nitrogen and phosphorus increases the growth of algae and weeds, negatively impacting the health of our aquatic ecosystems.

Had your septic tank cleaned recently?

Click on the following link to email your pumpout receipt to Baw Baw Shire Council's Public Health Department

To protect your disposal field, the septic tank should be cleaned out every three to five years. A full septic tank does not provide enough holding time to settle out the solids that can block the disposal area. This can end up in effluent surfacing in your backyard or flowing into public places or waterways.  

Please ensure you send us your pumput receipts. Having this information from across the shire allows us to reduce the overall risk to public health, drinking water supply and the environment.