EOI Now Closed - Drouin Community Hubs Public Art Installation

  • Project typeExpression of interest
  • Project value$60,000
  • Project scheduleExpressions of interest closed at 5pm on Friday 17 June. Projects will be shortlisted by Wednesday 22 June 2022.

Baw Baw Shire Council is inviting artists to submit an expression of interest for the installation of public art at two sites included in the Drouin Community Hub Project - Bellbird Park Recreation Reserve and the Drouin Senior Citizens Hall - both currently undergoing restoration and redevelopment to allow for future inclusive use by the community.

Expressions of Interest for this project closed at 5pm on Friday 17 June 2022. 

About the sites

Bellbird Park is a prominent sporting facility in the fast growing township. The redevelopment will provide expanded and improved facilities for sporting use, improved accessibility and equity for users. The inclusion of a multi-use community pavilion will further expand the suitability of the site for a variety of community uses.

The Drouin Senior Citizens facility located on Oak Street will be redeveloped to become an inclusive community hub, featuring meeting rooms and working spaces. 

Both sites have long histories and community attachment. The redevelopments will remain true to the current users and histories but will expand and include the wider community, allowing the public facilities to benefit a greater portion of the local population.  

The artworks will be important as a landmark and place makers. These commissions will be a significant as the sites are very public, have large user numbers and will mark the intention for the new facilities. 

You can click the links to download an aerial map of the Bellbird Park(PDF, 3MB) project area and image of the Oak Street site (currently Drouin Senior Citizens Hall)and find more information about the project, and what information is to be included in the expression of interest below.

Project Budget

Artist budget for the two projects inclusive is $60,000 (ex GST) and must include:  

  • all material costs 
  • all artists fees, commission for artists' dealers or representatives (where applicable), fees for any assistants and/or sub-contractors 
  • engineering (if required) 
  • lighting (if desired) 
  • artists and associated assistants working on the commission will be expected to meet all requirements and costs regarding occupational health, safety, and risk management. 
  • public liability insurance for construction/installation
  • transport of artwork to site

Payment will be made in instalments beginning with the signing and acceptance of the terms of contract, other agreed progress points of the project with a final payment upon completion. 

The artist is free to decide allocation across the two sites, bearing in mind the connection of intent and theme. 

Artists are invited to submit concept designs for their proposed work along with the proposed budget. Installation can be an estimated amount at this stage, and will be confirmed prior to contract signing with the Baw Baw Shire contractors to ensure the total cost (including installation) is within total allocated budget.

Expression of Interest Process - Project Documentation and Timing

Expression of Interest Process

EOI closed at 5pm on Friday 17 June 2022.

Next steps

Up to three artists will be shortlisted who will be paid a stipend of $1000 to further develop their concept for presentation with drawings and / or maquette. There may then be interviews and reference checks.   

If you have any questions or enquiries about the expression of interest process, please contact Council's Cultural Development Officer, Melissa Forlano via email or by calling 5624 2583.

The project itself will commence from the signing and acceptance of the terms of this brief and contract with the successful artist. The artistic design and fabrication of the project will be complete by 30 September 2022.

Design Specifications

The design detail will be for the chosen artist to determine, but due consideration must be given to the durability of materials used to minimise future maintenance costs. Public safety should also be considered in the choice of design and materials (eg. avoidance of sharp edges, entrapment hazards etc, as the facilities will be used by a wide range of the community including families and children).    

The theme Council wishes to portray with the works is that of inclusion, as the purpose of the redevelopments is to better place the two facilities to meet the current and future needs of the growing community. 

Shortlisted concept designs will be presented to the Baw Baw Shire Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee (ACAC) and include approval by council risk assessors, engineers and Council's maintenance staff prior to final selection.

Project Management & Consultation

Baw Baw Shire’s Project Manager, Marc Gore, will project manage the installation and be the successful artist’s direct liaison. 

Ownership and Copyright

The artwork generated from this commission will become the property of the Baw Baw Shire Council upon the payment of the final instalment of the contract. 

Council will acknowledge the work of the artist by displaying the artists name near the work and referring to the artist as the creator of the work in any printed material.

Artists Guarantee

The artist will ensure all workmanship is of high quality and materials used suitable to ensure durability for the environment in which the piece is sited. 

Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Installation of the artwork will be completed by Baw Baw Shire approved contractors in consultation with the artist.

If the artwork requires repair after completion, attempt will be made to contact the artist in the first instance to make those repairs. If the artist is unavailable another suitably qualified artist will be sought to make the necessary repairs. If the artwork is deemed to be damaged beyond repair or no longer suitable for the site, Council will determine the appropriate method of removal or relocation.

Risk Assessment and Insurance

The selected artist is required to prepare and submit a risk assessment document prior to commencing any works. This risk assessment shall be used to record and identify the risks foreseen and risk control methods to be employed by the artist.    

Also prior to the commencement of works the artist is required to provide Council with a certificate of currency for public liability insurance for a minimum coverage of $20,000,000.

Health and Safety Plan

Prior to the commencement of any works the artist shall also submit a health and safety plan for approval, specific to the works. The plan shall consider and respond to the specific occupational health and safety hazards and issues relevant to the works and document the systems and methods to be implemented to manage such hazards.   

Baw Baw Shire Council has a Public Arts Policy and Implementation Plan which contains further detail regarding matters such as decommissioning, maintenance etc.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or enquiries about the expression of interest process, please contact Council's Cultural Development Officer, Melissa Forlano via email or by calling 5624 2583.