Mobile Food Vans

Temporary and mobile food premises must hold current registration with their local Council and lodge registration online with Food Trader. Prior to attending an event a Statement of Trade must also be lodged through Food Trader to notify Councils when you will be operating within their municipality.

Registration of premises covers a 12 month period each year from 1 January, or the date the business commences operation, through to 31 December. In October of each year a renewal of registration form is sent out to all businesses, along with a request for payment of the annual registration fee. This form must be completed and returned to Council along with payment.

Structural Requirements

The structural standards required to fit a kitchen in a mobile food vehicle are dependent on the nature of the food business, potential risk factors, and the frequency of use.

A complete list of structural requirements can be found in the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Food Premises and Equipment legislation.

In general, the proprietor of the food vehicle must prominently display their name and contact details on the vehicle and ensure this is maintained in a readable condition.

The following requirements apply only to mobile food premises where food and beverages are prepared and offered for sale:

  • All fittings, equipment and utensils must be constructed of impervious (waterproof) material capable of being easily cleaned.
  • A minimum of one sink supplied with hot and cold water for cleaning utensils and equipment used in the preparation of food.
  • A dedicated hand wash sink basin supplied with hot and cold potable (drinkable) water, liquid soap and paper towel.
  • Water heating device such as urns, kettles, or similar are not acceptable.
  • A waste water holding tank is to be provided for the water from sinks and hand basin.
  • Adequate mechanical ventilation to be provided above cooking appliances.
  • Adequate refrigeration facilities to ensure cold food are stored at or below 5 degrees Celsius and at or below minus 15 degrees Celsius for frozen foods.
  • Hot food holding devices, such as bain-maries, must keep food above 60 degrees Celsius.

For more information about specific requirements for different food business types as well as labelling requirements and cleanliness and hygiene, go to Health and Food Requirements.