Business Permits and Registration

Planning Permits

To protect lifestyle amenity of your neighbours, what you are allowed to do as a business is controlled by planning zones. These zones may impact on what you want to do, and may even prohibit what you are looking at doing in a particular location. Please note Baw Baw Shire Council no longer issues building permits. Where required, it is the responsibility of the business to obtain a building permit through a private building surveyor. As an initial step you can distinguish between whether your business venture will be a home based business or based in a commercial or other premises.

Home Occupation or Home Based Business

If your proposed business is to be located in a residential area or run from a residential premises, you will need to meet Council’s requirements for home based businesses. This can include, but are not limited to; a home-based office, computer repairs, plumbers, builders, and are best summed up as; a business where the management or control is run from the home even though the majority of work may be carried out at different locations, with your business being there as a contractor or consultant.

Baw Baw Shire Council has guidelines detailing what is a home based business, and what you can do 'as of right' without any need for a planning permit, activities when you may need a planning permit and what is prohibited as a home based business.

The Baw Baw Planning Scheme provisions for home occupation can be found at the Department Planning and Community Development website.

Non-Home Based Business

If you intend to establish a business within a non-residential zone, for example in an industrial area or retail area, you may still need a planning permit even though what you intend to do is similar to an earlier use of the property.