Class 1 Food Business

Class 1 food businesses predominantly handle potentially hazardous food that is served to vulnerable groups, such as hospitals, child care centres, hostels and aged care facilities.

Class 1 Food Business Requirements

Class 1 food businesses must comply with the following requirements:

  • Register annually with Baw Baw Shire Council.
  • Undergo an inspection by Council when first registered or when registration is transferred to a new proprietor.
  • Have a current food safety program, which is kept on site at all times and tailored specifically to the food premises.
  • Have the food safety program audited by a Department of Health approved food safety auditor to determine adequacy and compliance.
  • Have a food safety supervisor with the necessary skills and accredited training.
  • Undergo two mandatory compliance checks each year; that is a Council assessment of the premises and food safety program compliance.


Class 1 food premises must be audited.

You are no longer required to provide a copy of the audit report to Council except upon request. However you should retain a copy of the full audit report for four years after the report is prepared. Submission of the audit reports is now the responsibility of the auditor.

For more information about specific requirements for different food business types as well as labelling requirements and cleanliness and hygiene, go to Health and Food Requirements.