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Council maintains 726 kilometres of unsealed roads and 1055km of sealed roads across Baw Baw Shire, in accordance with the adopted Road Management Plan (RMP).

Under the RMP, routine road inspections are carried out at 13, 26 or 52 week intervals based on the road classification. However, we are aware that defects can occur outside of these routine inspections and welcome input from the community on roads requiring additional inspections.

If you are reporting a road, please provide as much detail as possible about the road defect (for example, exact location, size of defect, and so on), so that we can investigate. To report a road:

Your request can be anonymous but contact details are helpful to seek more information or to provide feedback on your request.

Is the Road a VicRoads or Council Road?

If the road defect you are reporting is in the above list, your request will need to be submitted to VicRoads. You can do this online at the VicRoads website or by calling 13 11 70.

If the road is not listed above, it is a Council road. To report the road defect to Council, complete the below form.

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Council will only pass on the personal details provided to other parties in order to action your request (for example, Road Maintenance Service Provider, VicRoads or other government agency). For more information about Council’s privacy policy and the collection and use of personal information contact the Privacy Officer on 5624 2411.