Baw Baw Information Network


Baw Baw Shire Council, in conjunction with Attentis, will construct an intelligent local sensing network known as the Baw Baw Information Network (BBIN).

The project will consist of the installation of 7 fixed multi-sensors, strategically located in the Shire to deliver 24-hour monitoring of a range of environmental conditions to improve community safety through early detection of natural disasters and active situation monitoring.

The Baw Baw Information Network features key components including fire detection (performed in several ways), micro-climate weather, air quality, ground movement, and bespoke sensing capabilities aligned to each individual location including thermal imaging and 360° cameras. 

Why do we need an Information Network?

The Baw Baw Information Network aims to improve community safety by delivering 24-hour real-time information that offers early detection of critical events, such as bush fire starts and warnings on air quality, which is critical in supporting public health and safety.

The Attentis sensors can provide useful information that can assist with:

  • Early fire detection and notification;
  • Improve public safety and awareness;
  • Micro-climate weather information for local agriculture and viticulture;
  • Improved communication capabilities;
  • Remove access to high risk locations;
  • Monitors environmental impacts and;
  • Delivers community resilience.

How does it work?

The Baw Baw Information Network collects and delivers vital data through the Attentis sensors including:

  • air quality
  • weather
  • noise
  • fire ignitions
  • water quality
  • ground and structural movement
  • noise, and;
  • asset condition. 

The multi-sensors provide real-time thermal and visual imaging to detect hot spots and changes in temperature that can identify areas of high risk. Each multi-sensor includes 360° visual access with time lapse video and still image recording from all units.

Comprehensive sensor information is then seamlessly streamed through high-speed wireless networks maintaining a real-time picture of locations and regions to improve safety, health, efficiency, productivity and awareness. 

How do we access the Baw Baw Information Network?

The Baw Baw Information Network features a designated user interface and App that enables residents and visitors 24-hour access to live weather conditions, air quality information, visual and thermal images of a location prior to attendance, providing a new level of situational awareness and personal safety.

Registered users can establish threshold alerts to receive instant notifications via email or SMS.


Where will be sensors be installed?

The 7 Attentis sensors will be installed at the following locations:

  • Apex Park, Neerim South.
  • Erica and District Fire Station, Erica.
  • Noojee Fire Station, Noojee.
  • Main Neerim Road, Piedmont.
  • Tooronga Falls Campground.
  • Walhalla Road, Thompson.
  • Mt Baw Baw Alpine Village, Mt Baw Baw.

Emergency situations

The Baw Baw Information Network provides Emergency Services with real-time notifications and access to each location to view conditions.

The sensors enables Emergency Services to;

  • Rapidly respond with a clear understanding of the event as it unfolds;
  • Strategically position ground and aerial resources at the most effective locations;
  • Maintain real-time awareness of changes in wind speed and direction to stay ahead of the event;
  • Reduce the risk of burn over and health impacts to first responders by continuous tracking, personnel, conditions, the fire front and flood zones;
  • Measure air composition for smoke, particulates and gases and location to reduce health impact on first responders and the general public.

The Baw Baw Information Network also features 24-hour fire ignition detection with instant notification sent to local emergency services, first responders, Baw Baw Shire Council and Attentis®. Notifications can also be forwarded to residents, via the Attentis® App and; Watch & Act notifications via Emergency Services and the Baw Baw Shire Council.

Project details

The $192,000 project has been funded by the Risk and Resilience Grants Program (Emergency Management Victoria) through the Department of Justice and Community Safety.