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You are now ready to apply for your permits to get your business up and running. Our single application form is designed to save you time. Rather than filling in multiple forms we have combined them to make the application process simpler, you will only need to complete the sections that are relevant to your business.

Once your application has been received it will be forwarded to the relevant business units for assessment and you may be contacted by them for further information, or to get updates on the progress of your application.

To learn more about the different team’s that will assess your permits and the service they provide check out Understand Your Permit Requirements.

If you need any assistance when applying for a permit contact our  Business Approvals Support Team, a single point of contact, a member of our team who is committed to supporting business and can help you get all the advice you need before you apply for a permit.

To take advantage of this service reach out to the Business Approvals Support Team using the online form below, via live chat, email or call during business hours on 1300 BAW BAW. 

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