Warragul CBD Streetscape Project Overview

  • Project typeStreetscape
  • Project schedule2016 to 2022

What is the main aim of the project?

The Warragul CBD Streetscape project is designed to help our town cope with a growing population and the increased traffic that comes with it.

All nine stages of works are designed to better manage and redirect traffic within the confines of our existing roads and make the CBD experience safer, more inviting and more accessible for pedestrians.

We’re also creating more access points in, around and out of the CBD area (via planned traffic lights at Queen/Napier Street and the new Mason Street roundabouts) to ease pressure on existing access points such as the Queen Street roundabout.

For those who can’t get around as easily, we’ve increased the number of accessible (disabled) parking spaces to allow parking close by, and also made crossing points more accessible too.

What happens next?

Queen Street Community Consultation 

Throughout April and May 2021, the community was invited to provide input into beautification and safety improvement works for Queen Street, Warragul.

The Queen Street Streetscape Project is the 9th and final stage of the Warragul CBD Streetscape Project jointly funded by Council and Developer contributions.

Council is legislatively committed to delivering the works in line with the Developer Contributions Plan (DCP) DCP-01 and sets out to improve the pedestrian amenity and accessibility of Queen Street, renew the public toilet block in the Queen Street Park as well as make improvements to on road medians, pedestrian refuges and line marking between Smith Street and Gladstone Streets on the North side and between Smith Street and Normanby Place on the South. (Click here for more information about Development Contribution Plans.)

Following community input and feedback on the proposed concept design prior, Council will proceed with detailed design and construction in early 2022.

Queen Street Concept Design Objectives:

  • Retention of existing parking bays;
  • Re-establishment and extension of significant tree avenue along the south side of Queen Street;
  • Installation of a centre median between Smith Street and Mason Street to provide traffic calming, and an opportunity for a mid-block pedestrian crossing;
  • New line-marking, including bike lanes, median and turning lanes; and
  • Retention of afterhours taxi rank at the existing Queen Street bus stop.
  • Renewal and relocation of the Public amenities block to adjacent the existing bus stop to improve passive surveillance and safety.
  • Provide for improved pedestrian and disability accessibility by:
    • Raising the kerb along the south side of Queen Street to address existing footpath crossfall issues. This would include reverse falling drainage to the rear of the carparks and enable widening of the shared pathway;
    • Providing a widened pathway from the TAFE to the existing Normanby Place shared pathway; and
    • Implementing kerb outstands and refuge islands at the Queen Street and Gladstone Street intersection to enhance pedestrian and vehicle safety.

Community consultation

Past Consultation

Several consultation opportunities occurred during the planning and design of the Warragul CBD Streetscape Project, from 2015/16 to present.

In April 2021, open consultation got underway to get the community's input on the Queen Street Streetscape concept designs - the 9th and final stage of the Warragul CBD Streetscape project. Following community feedback into beautification and safety improvement works, consultation closed at 11.59pm on Monday 24 May 2021.

In addition to wider community consultation, a Project Reference Group (PRG) was formed consisting of local traders, business groups, service/utility companies, taxi and emergency services. The PRG met regularly for a period throughout the initial planning and design stage. 

What other benefits does the project deliver?

Beautification works:

  • New and wider footpaths evoking a mall-like atmosphere which is more pleasant for browsing and outdoor dining.
  • New coloured and patterned pavements restore rural character to the town and complement the existing heritage.
  • Integrated bench seating and improved pedestrian access to the Cenotaph creates a village feel.
  • Enhancing sustainability and natural beauty with the planting of fresh new trees and gardens.

Practical improvements:

  • Smooth new road surfaces.
  • Drainage improvements to better cater for storm events.

Improving accessibility:

  • Safer and more accessible crossing points.
  • More accessible parking spaces.

Why make streets one-way?

As Warragul’s population grows, there is more traffic but no more space in the CBD area. Part of the streetscape project is aimed at better managing and redirecting the increased traffic for safety and practicality.

The one-way streets aim to make the heart of Warragul more pedestrian-friendly. There are two main benefits – improved safety and amenity. One-way traffic flow is more predictable making it safer and easier for pedestrians to navigate the town on foot.

This arrangement also encourages drivers crossing from one side of town to the other to use the outskirts of the CBD (such as Mason Street), rather than through the busy CBD space.

Why is Palmerston Street directing traffic East and not West?

The arrangement is designed to act as a giant roundabout, creating more efficient traffic flow through CBD intersections. Traffic from Palmerston Street will naturally flow into Smith Street, so that traffic can exit the CBD area through a safe and controlled intersection.

Sending traffic in the other direction would decrease the efficiency of vehicle movement through the intersection of Smith Street and Victoria Street.

People travelling north would have to wait for all south bound traffic on Victoria Street to clear, causing traffic to bank up at the Queen Street roundabout.

What about a multilevel carpark?

We understand parking close by can be tricky, especially during peak times.

Options for a multilevel carpark in the CBD have been explored, however it’s not currently a viable option. A project of this scale is estimated to cost $25 million in construction, and even more in ongoing maintenance.

A recent parking study provided us with findings and recommendations to help improve efficiency of parking in the Warragul CBD. While a number of these recommendations are straight forward, others will require further consultation with the community. More details about this consultation opportunity will be released soon.

Why can’t you develop the former Bonlac site?

We understand the strategic importance of this site, however this site is privately owned. In order for the site to be developed, a planning application would need to be submitted to Council for consideration by the land owner. There is currently no planning application lodged with Council for the development of this site.

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