Impounded Vehicles

Under Schedule 11 of the Local Government Act Baw Baw Shire Council has the power to remove unregistered or abandoned vehicles: 

Council may:

  • move or impound any unregistered vehicle or vehicle considered by it to be abandoned (and anything on or attached to the vehicle.)
  • Keep the vehicle in the place to which has been moved or any other place.
  • Return the vehicle to its owner on payment of a fee; and
  • Sell, destroy or give away the vehicle (and anything in, on or attached to, the vehicle) if the owner of the vehicle has not paid the fee within 14 days of the Council impounding the vehicle.

Any unclaimed vehicles may be wrecked or sold via auction at, depending on the condition of the vehicle. Vehicles cannot be purchased directly from Council.

Please note: If a potential vehicle owner is identified, notices will be sent to the last registered operator. The impounded vehicles register is updated regularly, however, if you believe your car has been impounded and do not see it on this list you should contact Community Compliance on 5624 2411.

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