Report and Consent

Report and Consent

You may require Council to report or consent to certain aspects of the Building Regulations before having a building permit issued. Consent generally relates to the siting and positioning of domestic buildings that do not meet the standard regulations, such as reducing the minimum frontage setback, exceeding maximum building heights, building over or near an easement, or demolition work.

The following accompanying documents must be submitted with your application form:

  • Two copies of site plan.
  • Two copies of floor plan and the elevations of your proposal.
  • Current Title and details of any instruments such as Covenants or Section 173 Agreement.
  • Title plan.
  • Prescribed fee.
  • Explanation of why you require variation to the regulations.

If you have a Building Surveyor, it is most likely that they will be able to assist you with the application or apply on your behalf.

If your application involves building over or near an easement, you will need to obtain written consent from the authority that governs the easement and submit this with your application, for example Gippsland Water in respect of a water easement.

To lodge your application, please use Report and Consent Application Form(PDF, 265KB) .

Email your completed form to Building or drop into one of our Customer Service Centres.

Report and Consent for Demolition

Section 29A of the Building Act requires the issue of a Report and Consent from the Council where demolition is proposed. Please consult with your private building surveyor with regards to the requirement of this application.

To lodge your application, use the please use the Report and Consent for Demolition Application Form(PDF, 188KB).

Email the completed form to Building or drop into one of our Customer Service Centres.