General Rubbish Bin

Our general rubbish collection service is provided to all households in townships and some properties in the rural areas.

The general rubbish bin has a red lid and is collected weekly.

Mixed recycling and green organics are collected fortnightly on the same day as your general rubbish bin.

Items that are placed in your general rubbish bin must be bagged.

There are no changes to the scheduled collection days on public holidays. However, bins are to be out by 2.00am for collection on these days.

What can't go in my general rubbish bin?

  • Asbestos
  • e-waste (take these to the four transfer stations)
  • batteries (take these to the four transfer stations)
  • excavation material or builders waste  
  • household chemicals, oils, paints or solvents
  • loose dirt, dust, ashes, hair or other similar material
  • slops, liquid waste or offensive material
  • anything that can go in your mixed recycling bin or garden organics bin.