Council Elections


Council elections are conducted every four years by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) on the fourth Saturday of October. The next council elections will be held on Saturday 26 October 2024. 

In the lead up to the Council Elections, Council will enter into the Election Period. The Council have adopted a series of Governance Rules(PDF, 458KB) that will guide the way in which the organisation and council will need to operate. The policy commits the organisation during the Election Period to:

  • Avoid making significant new policies or decision that could unreasonably bind a future council
  • Ensure that public resources,  including staff resources, are not used in election campaigning or in a way that may improperly influence the result of an election, or improperly advantage existing Councillors as candidates in the election
  • Limit public consultation and council events
  • Treat Councillor candidates in the same way as other candidates with respect to access to council held information
  • Avoid printing, publishing, or distributing any advertisement, handbill, pamphlet or notice during an election period
  • Ensure that no employee is to make any public statement that relates to an election issue.

For more information about what we will and will not do during the caretaker period, download the Governance Rules.(PDF, 458KB)