Rates and Valuations FAQs


Property valuation increases/changes

The State Government requires all Councils to revalue properties every year. The last evaluation was carried out at 1 January 2023 and reflects the levels of value at that time.

Property valuations and property markets

In determining the value of your property, sales (or rentals) since the last revaluation were considered. The sales information was collected and analysed so that the levels of value could be established and then appropriately applied to your property. Any improvements that have been made to your property will be included in the Capital Improved Value as stated on your rates notice.

Calculating rates

Your rates are calculated by multiplying the rate in the dollar by the Capital Improved Value (CIV) from your rates notice.

The CIV is the total market value of the land plus building and other improvements.

The SV is the total market value of the land only.

Paying your rates

Council has adopted the quarterly instalment program as per the Local Government Act 1989. The due dates are listed on your rates notice. If these options don’t suit you and you would like to make an alternative arrangement, contact Council's Revenue Office and arrange a weekly, fortnightly or monthly arrangement to suit your budget. Alternatively, if you wish to pay in full this must be paid by September 30th. 

Applying for a pension concession

If you are in receipt of a pension, you may be eligible for a concession on your rates. In order to be eligible for a pension concession you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must hold a current Centrelink Pension or DVA Card (please note that Health Care Cards are not accepted);
  • The property on which you are claiming the rebate must be your primary residence;
  • You must not have claimed the rebate previously in the same financial year; and
  • Your name must be on the Rates Account.

Providing you meet this criteria, you may be entitled to the state rebate of $253.20, Council's rebate of $50, and a Fire Service Levy rebate of $50, totalling $353.20 (2023-2024 Financial Year).

Updating your details

Change of details are required in writing to protect your privacy. You can do so via letter, to Baw Baw Shire Council, PO Box 304, Warragul 3820, emailing the Revenue Department or completing the online form.