Grant Writing Tips


Read the funding guidelines
Double and triple check if you are eligible for a grant before you start. If you don’t understand the guidelines, ring and ask. 

Start early
Don’t leave it until the last minute and rush to meet the deadline. This is when mistakes happen. You can make an appointment with someone who will advise and guide you in the application process.  Leave enough time to obtain quotes. 

Keep it simple
Keep it short, get to the point and use plain language but don’t assume prior knowledge. If you waffle on and overload the assessment panel members your application may be skimmed over and important points missed.

Focus on community benefits and quantify claims
Keep in mind how the community will benefit from your project or event. Quantify how many people will benefit and substantiate how the number came about. For example, provide figures from the last project or collect (short) anecdotal evidence.

Be credible
Obtain support letters from others who will benefit from your project. If appropriate use photos to show evidence of the works required.

Be relevant to the project
Ensure that only documents relevant to this application are being submitted. If more information is needed it will be requested.

Get the budgets and quotes right
Don’t underestimate or inflate the project costs. The assessment panel members have assessed similar projects before and have a good idea if costs are in the ballpark.

Use the checklist
Make sure you have ticked off and addressed the checklist. This will make the process run smoothly for all. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Don’t hesitate to ask
If you don’t know how to answer a question, please contact the organisation and ask to speak with the Community Development Officer. The question is being asked for a specific reason, don’t make something up or leave blank.