Use this section to help guide you through the process of building a fence.

Do I need a building permit to build a fence?

The Building Regulations 2018 stipulate that you do need a building permit for the following:

  • Front fence greater than 1.5m high (other than masonry)
  • Front fence constructed from masonry greater than 1.2m high
  • Boundary (side and rear) fence greater than 2m high
  • Front or boundary fence that forms part of a pool or spa safety barrier
  • If your property is a corner block, a front fence greater than 1m high within 9m of the point of intersection of your two corner boundaries, see the red line in the diagram below.


Other approvals you may need when constructing your fence

When planning your fence you may need certain approvals, please be sure to check the following:

  • Check your title for any restrictions or caveats.

Where is my property boundary?

Your Certificate of Title (Plan of Subdivision) includes a diagram indicating the boundary dimensions of your property. There is no guarantee that your existing boundary fence is on your title boundary. If you want to determine the actual location of your property boundaries, you will need to engage a licensed land surveyor.

You can request a copy of your Current Certificate of Title from Landata.

Half cost fencing

Council may contribute to the cost of a fence on properties adjoining Council land, such as kindergartens, childcare centres and other Council owned and occupied buildings. If this applies to you, please contact Council to discuss the proposed fencing.

Replacing a boundary fence

All fencing for public and private land is subject to the Fences Amendment Act 2014.

If you want to replace or repair a boundary fence, you will need to reach an agreement with your neighbour. 

How can I resolve a fencing dispute?

Council is not responsible for administering the Fences Act and recommends you seeks independent advice via the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria.

Contacting your neighbours

You may need to find out the contact details of your adjoining neighbour(s) for the purpose of constructing a fence between your properties.

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