Class 4 Food Business

The main activities undertaken by Class 4 food businesses pose a low risk to public health, such as sale of uncut fruit and vegetables, wine tastings and sale of pre-packaged confectionary. Food businesses that may be categorised under Class 4 include newsagents, pharmacies, video stores and bottle shops.

Sausage sizzles also are categorised as Class 4 if only sausages, bread, onion and sauce is sold. More information specific to sausage sizzles can be found in the Related Information section on this page.

Class 4 Food Business Requirements

Class 4 food businesses must comply with the following requirements:

  • Register with Council each time before selling food at an event, as well as registering online with Streatrader.
  • Ensure that food sold is safe for consumption. Council encourages food handlers to complete a Food Safety Program as provided by the Department of Health.

For more information about specific requirements for different food business types as well as labelling requirements and cleanliness and hygiene, go to Health and Food Requirements.