Bellbird Park East Pavilion

  • Project typeNew construction and upgrade
  • Project value$4 million
  • Project scheduleConstruction of stage one is complete and stage two is underway
  • Contractor nameLangden Constructions Pty Ltd

Bellbird Park is set to receive a new female friendly and accessible multi-purpose pavilion for users of the eastern section, including hockey, soccer, cricket, local schools, and the general community.

Designed as a multi-purpose facility, the pavilion will also be equipped to host community events with commercial kitchen facilities, audio visual equipment, flexible room configurations, good access and well-lit car parking.

The new pavilion will be a home for the thriving local sports based at Bellbird Park, including the West Gippsland Hockey Association, the Drouin Cricket Club and Drouin Dragons Soccer Club.

The location of the new pavilion aims to optimise sight lines, ensure safe pedestrian movement across the site and retain the majority of existing significant vegetation.

The project seeks to integrate all the sporting clubs on site and provide additional space that can be used by the whole community. 

Take a sneak peek at the soon to be complete pavilion!

In February, PRG members were treated to a walkthrough of the pavilion to check in on the project. 

Project scope and timeline

Stage 1 - Construction of a new car park

Construction of a new car park containing 186 space (including 4 accessible bays) was completed in November 2022.

Stage 2 - Pavilion construction

Construction of the new pavilion is underway and is expected to be complete in March 2024, with the demolition of surrounding buildings and site reinstatement expected to occur by May 2024.

The new pavilion will include:

  • A commercial kitchen and servery
  • New storage spaces
  • Four new player change rooms with access to inclusive amenities
  • Two official's rooms with amenities
  • First aid room
  • Office/meeting room
  • Two canteens
  • Amenities
  • Improvements to open space landscaping
  • Addition of carpark drop off zone 

Project Completion 

The project is expected to be complete by May 2024 and will be celebrated with an official opening.

*Time frames are subject to change.

Soccer pitch redevelopment

Works are expected to commence around October 2023, with the project being completed by June 2024.

Project funding

This $4 million project is being delivered by Baw Baw Shire Council in partnership with the Victorian Government, with the funding breakdown as follows:

  • $2 million by Baw Baw Shire Council
  • $2 million by Victorian Government (Growing Suburbs Fund)

Read more at Growing Suburbs fund delivers $2 million for Bellbird Park Pavilion.

The project design was funded from Council’s 2019/20 and the carpark in the 2020/21 budget. 

Progress images

Below are some progress shots of the project.

Mid 2022

Construction of the carpark is underway

November 2022

Construction of the carpark is complete 

June 2023

The slab has been poured and the frame is going up 

July 2023

The frame continues to progress and the last section of slab is ready to be poured

November 2023

The pavilion's timber frame, along with the roofing is complete. Internal electrical fit-out, mechanical ducting for air conditioning and plaster are underway. External cladding is nearing completion.

February 2024

The Project Reference Group took a tour of the facility in February to check in on progress. All external works are complete, internal fitout is also mostly ticked off. Click here to read about the tour.

Local impacts during construction

We strive to minimise disruption and inconvenience to all residents during project works. However, some disturbances are to be expected throughout the construction period.

Expected local impacts include:

  • Increased traffic around Lampard Road and Settlement Road.
  • Increased sighting of heavy vehicles using Lampard Road and Settlement Road.
  • Detours and change of traffic conditions (directional signage will be used during these periods).
  • Increased construction noise during the following times:

Monday – Friday from 7.30am to 5.30pm
Saturday from 8.00am to 5.00pm


Soccer pitch redevelopment

Following the construction of the new pavilion and once all design works have been completed, the main soccer pitch is set for redevelopment. 

Works will see complete reconstruction and upgrade of the playing surface. Currently during winter, poor drainage and surface issues impact the ability to train across the whole surface, maintenance is challenging, and matches are at risk of being cancelled. 

The new sand profile surface will increase the carrying capacity of the pitch year-round. It will improve playing and training conditions, improve safety and meet increasing demand for the sport of soccer, the growth of the Drouin Dragons Soccer Club and Drouin’s growing population. 

The total project is valued at $1.36 million dollars, with the Victorian Government contributing $800,000 and Council contributing the $560,000 balance.

Works are expected to commence October 2023, with the project being completed by June 2024.

The Drouin Dragons Soccer Club has welcomed the project, with club president Jason Beer stating, “The upgraded main pitch will be a game changer for the Drouin Dragons Soccer Club. It will complement the new Bellbird Park Pavilion and support the increasing number of soccer players at Drouin Dragons. We currently cannot train on a third of the Pitch from July due to the unsafe conditions and the upgrade will allow us to use the pitch for both training and games all year round, including hosting Gippsland Soccer League finals. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Baw Baw Shire Council for their support for the Drouin Dragons and also the Victorian Government for their generous contribution to this project."

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