Requests For Information

Property & Building Information and Building Records (Plans)

Building Information - Regulation 51(1)

A building information certificate will provide details of:

  • Details of any building permit or certificate of Final inspection issued in the proceeding 10 years; and 
  • Details of any current statement issued under Regulation 64(1) or 231(2) of the Regulations;
  • Details of any current Notice or Order issued by the relevant Building Surveyor under the Act. 

Property Information - Regulation 51(2)

A Property Information certificate will provide information on whether a property is:

  • Liable to flooding
  • Likely to be subject to infestation by termites (the whole of the Baw Baw Shire is deemed termite prone)
  • Bushfire prone
  • Subject to significant snowfalls

Building Inspection Information - Regulation 51(3)

An owner or mortgagee of a building or land, or a prescribed building practitioner reporting on a building under section 137B of the Act, may request the relevant council to provide the approved dates of the inspections carried out of the mandatory notification stages of building work carried out on the building or land.

To lodge your application, please click here to complete the Application for Property and Building Information form.

If you are having issues submitting your Application, please contact the Building Services Team on 1300 229 229.

Building Records

You can obtain a copy of your house plans or building permit documents from Council when planning alterations or extensions, or selling your property.

Our building permit records date back approximately 15 to 30 years depending on the location of the property; therefore not all house plans are available.

If you are not the rated owner of the property (legal owner), a signed letter of consent is required from the rated owner of the property when you apply for a building plan/record.

Click here to submit your application to Request Copies of Building Documents. 

A list of building fees and charges can be downloaded here.(PDF, 235KB)

Stormwater Legal Point of Discharge and Pipe Location

The stormwater point of discharge is a point specified by the Shire where stormwater from a property must be discharged.  The Building Regulations requires that stormwater collected off all new buildings is to be discharged to the approved stormwater point of discharge.  

In order to get a building permit, your building surveyor will require a report from the Shire stating the stormwater point of discharge.

For Stormwater Legal Point of Discharge requests, use the online application for Legal Point of Discharge and Stormwater Asset Details form.

You can also use this application form to request the size, depth and offset of a Council stormwater asset (drain/pipe), this information is generally used to confirm the actual underground location of pipes for the purpose of connecting into, or to assist with the design of building footings within close proximity.

Please be aware that Councils drainage and pipe records do not contain private underground stormwater drainage designs. If you are wishing to determine where other pipes on your property are located we suggest you contact a plumber to assist.

To lodge your application, please use the online form link above or drop in to our Customer Service Centre for a hard copy.

For enquiries regarding stormwater detention and treatment systems, for planning permit purposes, please contact Councils Priority Development Team on 5624 2411.

Storm Water Runoff Concerns from Neighbouring Properties 

If you have concerns regarding an unreasonable flow of storm water onto your land from neighbouring properties or someone interferes with the reasonable flow of water onto your property, and this causes you to suffer loss or damage, you can make an application to VCAT claiming compensation or seeking an order requiring the other person to do something to stop the unreasonable flow of water or interference. 

Adjoining Land Owners Information

Your Building Surveyor may need to find out the contact details of your adjoining neighbour(s) for the purpose of protection work required under Part 7 of the Building Regulations 2018

For Adjoining Land Owners Information requests, use the Request for Adjoining Land Owners Details Application Form.

To lodge your application, please email the completed form along with a copy of identification to Baw Baw Shire Council or drop in to one of our Customer Service Centres.