Planning Permit Process

A planning permit is a legal document that allows a certain use or development to proceed on a specified parcel of land.

The information on this page is designed to provide general guidance to help you understand the planning permit process from lodgement through to determination.

Application Received

Your application is allocated to a Planning officer.

Further Information

A preliminary assessment of your application is undertaken and further information may be requested, if necessary.


Once all the required information has been received, public notification of your proposal may be required.
This could be in the form of:

  • mail notification.
  • on-site signage.
  • newspaper advertisement.

During this advertising period, and up to the time when a decision is made, a person can make a submission or objection to a planning permit application.


Relevant internal Council departments and/or external agencies may be asked for advice on your proposal.


Following the completion of the advertising period, Planning officers undertake a thorough assessment of the application against the Baw Baw Shire Planning Scheme. Consideration is given to any objections received and responses from internal and external referral authorities.


Council will determine your application.
Approval: issue a planning permit subject to conditions.
Notice of Decision to grant a planning permit: where there are objections, but Council proposes to approve the application.
Notice of Refusal: application is refused by Council.

Planning System in Victoria

For an overview of the planning system in Victoria and the planning permit process, refer to the below publications by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DEWLP). 
Planning in Victoria - A guide to the planning system
Planning Permits process

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