The Road to Recovery Project

The Road to Recovery Project is a series of short films highlighting the resilience of individuals and communities impacted by bushfires.

Featuring the townships of Labertouche, Erica, Rawson and Walhalla, the films are dedicated to shining a light on the strength and resilience of the individuals, agencies, and volunteer groups that keep communities functioning, thriving, and moving forward when disaster strikes. 

Each of the videos focuses on a different aspect of recovery, and all three can be viewed below.

The Road to Recovery Project was funded through Emergency Recovery Victoria.


'Labertouche' highlights First Nations Elder, Aunty Cheryl Drayton, and her experiences through the Bunyip Ridge Fire. The film also features the community history of Labertouche and how they connected then, and now.

Drawn Together

'Drawn Together' highlights the townships of Erica and Rawson, which are connected by the Erica to Rawson Trail. 

The film captures the Time Walk Art Project, which was steered by local artist Helen Timbury. The project saw students of the Rawson Primary School and members of the Erica and District Historical Society create signs using student drawings and historical facts, which were installed along the trail between the towns. 

Hearts of Gold

'Hearts of Gold' highlights the volunteers who work tirelessly to keep Walhalla alive. The film features volunteers from the Walhalla Goldfields Railway, Walhalla Cricket Club, Ghost Tours and Post Office. Each volunteer has a unique story to tell about their time in the town. 


Official Launch

The three films were launched at a preview screening at Moe Library alongside the film makers, The View from Here, members of Council and the volunteers who offered their time and experiences to participate in the films.

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