Personal Interest Returns


Personal Interest Returns

Persuant to Section 132(1) of the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act), specified persons (Councillors, the Chief Executive Officer and Nominated Officers) must lodge an Initial and Bi-annual Personal Interest Return to the Chief Executive Officer containing matter prescribed by the regulations.

Each Initial Personal Interest Return is to be lodged within;

  • 30 days of taking the oath or affirmation if the specified person is a Councillor,
  • 30 days of being appointed as Chief Executive Officer; and,
  • 30 days of a Nominated Officer being nominated by the Chief Executive Officer for the purpose of completing a return.

A Bi-annual Personal Interest Return is then lodged in the months of March and September.

Public Access to Summary of Personal Interest Returns

Under Section 135 of the Local Government Act 2020, it is a requirement that Council prepares a summary of your returns for public access.

This summary will be published on Council’s website and contain the following information:

Section 135(2) of the Act states the summary of Personal Interests must:

  • include the town or suburb, but not the street address or number of the land that is the place of residence of a person as disclosed in the personal interests return; and
  • include the matters prescribed by the regulations; and
  • exclude the matters required by the regulations to be excluded; and
  • be prepared in accordance with the manner prescribed by the regulations.

Section 135(3) of the Act states the Chief Executive Officer must:

  • publish a summary of personal interests on Council's website; and
  • ensure that the summary of personal interests is available for inspection at the Council Office.

Baw Baw Shire Council Summary of Personal Interest

Initial Personal Interest Returns(PDF, 157KB)

Bi-annual Personal Interest Returns - March 2022(PDF, 137KB)