Western Ring Main Project - Warragul

What’s happening

Gippsland Water are planning a major new water main on the western side of Warragul. Like a ring road, it will be constructed around existing urban areas - reducing costs and impacts.

The planned route of the pipeline travels in a north-westerly direction through road reserves from Butlers Track to the railway crossing on Lardners Track.

The benefits

This regionally significant project will add to the volume and security of water supply in the growing towns of Warragul and Drouin. The pipeline will:

  • provide an alternative supply line for maintenance or emergency work on the existing Warragul mains, avoiding interruptions to customers’ water supply
  • link Drouin to the new Warragul-Moe interconnect, which gives the security of being able to provide water from multiple sources
  • facilitate growth in Drouin and the south-west corridor of Warragul.

The timeframe

Detailed planning and design will be completed early in 2021. Construction of this 4.3km pipeline is then planned to commence in the 2021-22 year. Completion is expected in late 2023.

Further extensions of the pipeline to the south basin on Warragul-Korumburra Road will be undertaken in line with future local urban development.

Minimising disruption

While some disruption is unavoidable, Gippsland Water will do their best to minimise the impact on the community and local traffic.

Gippsland Water have completed environmental assessments, including targeted studies for Giant Gippsland Earthworms, Warragul Burrowing Crayfish and Strzelecki Gums. They’ll make sure their work causes minimum disruption to these important local species through underground boring and using areas previously disturbed such as road reserves.

Gippsland Water is working with Traditional Owners to protect cultural heritage and ensure any artefacts they find are not damaged during construction.

They’ll work with Council, road, rail and other authorities to ensure the work receives all the required approvals.

Gippsland Water will let the community know in advance when they expect the work to affect the local community, such as any changes to traffic arrangements.

How do I find out more?

You can phone or email on the contacts below or see the latest information on the Gippsland Water website.