Sporting Reserves within Precinct Structure Plans

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In 2014, Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) were prepared for Drouin and Warragul which set out the growth areas, along with important infrastructure to support the increased population. In addition to new roads, paths, open space, community centres, schools, retail and industrial precincts, the PSPs identified five sites set aside for future sporting reserves across the two towns.

These sporting reserves must be developed in accordance with a masterplan adopted by or prepared to the satisfaction of Council. The masterplans provide direction for the use of the spaces and facilities that are required at each of the sporting reserves.

The five sites include:


  • McGlone Sporting Reserve: A 6.30ha site located between McGlone Road and a waterway.
  • Weebar Sporting Reserve: An 11.10ha site located at the intersection of Dyall and Weebar Roads.


  • Dollarburn Sporting Reserve: An 8.75ha site co-located with a potential government primary school and community centre alongside a waterway.
  • Lillico Sporting Reserve: A 12.17ha site located adjacent to the Lillico volcanic land formation.
  • Spring Creek Sporting Reserve: A 6.75ha site located adjacent to a waterway.

The concept masterplans were informed by a demographic review to 2041, along with a sports demand analysis(PDF, 879KB) and literature review(PDF, 192KB) for 22 of the main sports currently played within Baw Baw Shire. The masterplans reflect the projected sporting needs that cannot be accommodated at existing sites.

At the 9 February 2022 Council Meeting, Council adopted the concept masterplans for the McGlone, Weebar, Dollarburn and Lillico sporting reserves. Council will receive a future report for consideration regarding the Spring Creek sporting reserve. 

Community consultation

At the 25 August 2021 Council meeting, Council noted the draft concept masterplans and placed the McGlone, Weebar, Dollarburn and Lillico sporting reserve plans on public exhibition. Council also agreed to undertake further investigation work regarding the Spring Creek sporting reserve in Warragul.

A six-week community consultation period was undertaken, commencing on 26 August 2021 and concluding on 7 October 2021. There were 25 formal submissions received.

The key high-level themes from the submissions included:

  • Protection of native vegetation;
  • Desire to have multi-use facilities/flexible spaces;
  • Connectivity in terms of pathways, access to schools etc;
  • The need for more space at each site to allow for future growth and expansion;
  • Suitability of the sites for sport e.g shape, proximity to waterways, native vegetation, wetlands etc;
  • Vehicle parking;
  • Need for play spaces; and,
  • Comments on existing recreation reserves/facilities- opportunities and limitations.

After considering all submissions, a range of changes were been made to the sporting reserve concept masterplans.(PDF, 55KB)

The concept masterplans

The concept masterplans for the McGlone, Weebar, Dollarburn and Lillico sporting reserves have now been finalised.

Further work on the Spring Creek site will continue in consultation with the Victorian Planning Authority and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

You can view the concept masterplans below and download a copy here.(PDF, 6MB) 

How they'll be funded

A mix of DCP funds, along with grants and Council cash or borrowings would be required to fund the infrastructure/facilities proposed for these sites.

The DCP identifies estimated project costs for each of the projects, comprising a land value and construction amount. A quantity surveyor's estimate has also been prepared for each of the sites based on the concepts.

Appropriate staging and prioritisation of the works will be considered by Council.

Site  DCP Construction Value
as of 30 September 2021
Quantity Surveyor's estimate
based on concepts 
 McGlone Road, Drouin $2,699,111  $12,600,000
Weebar Road, Drouin $4,755,577 $23,500,000
Dollarburn Road, Warragul $3,740,283 $19,200,000
Lillico Road, Warragul $5,215,283 $14,300,000
Spring Creek, Warragul $3,226,423 Not costed - on hold