Landcare Groups


Landcare groups consist of local residents interested in the environment who are willing to volunteer their time for land management issues including loss of native vegetation and biodiversity, soil erosion, water quality decline, pest plants and animals and drainage issues.

Activities and projects include:

  • Fencing-off existing remnant vegetation from stock.
  • Planting shelter belts and wildlife corridors.
  • Restoration of riparian areas.
  • Re-vegetating wet areas.
  • Control of harmful weeds.
  • Restoring erosion sites to prevent further soil loss.
  • Direct seeding and seed collection.
  • Promoting sustainable farming practices.
  • Baiting and fumigation programs for rabbits, foxes, wild dogs and Indian Mynah birds.

Groups hold regular meetings, field days and social events. Landcare groups also work to assist new landholders. Funding may become available to assist property owners with environmental projects on their properties.

A Landcare coordinator is employed for each Landcare network. To contact the Latrobe Catchment Landcare coordinator call the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority on 1300 094 262. To contact the Westernport area facilitator call the Westernport Catchment Landcare Network on 0490 955 168..

 Local Landcare Groups

 Group Contact Person  Contact Phone Number
Allambee Community Landcare Group Evelyn Lillie 5634 4220 or 0438 344 220
Drouin Rabbit Control & Landcare Group Christine Maxfield 5625 1034
Earls Road Landcare Group Ken Savage 5634 2246
Jindivick Landcare Group Peter Ronalds 0402 650 382
Labertouche Landcare Group Jim Armstrong 0427 586 288
Mount Worth and District Landcare Group Rob East N/A (email
Mountain Rivers Landcare Group Alex Phillip 5165 3267
Narracan Landcare Group Michael Kolody 5168 1402
Neerim and District Landcare Group Phil Darton 0408 351 915
Springsure Hill Landcare Group Rob Rutter 5626 8368
Tanjil Valley Landcare Group Pam Dawson 5635 2129
Triholm Landcare Group Wilma Mackay 5659 7202
Warragul and District Landcare Group Megan Major N/A
Waterwatch West Gippsland Matt Khoury 1300 094 262
Yarragon and Trafalgar District Landcare Sub-Group Rachel Needoba 5634 2216