Council Property and Land


Baw Baw Shire Council is responsible for a large portfolio of properties, most of which are occupied and utilised by the community, or by organisations that provide a service to our community.

In addition to land and buildings which are owned by Council, we also manage a number of Crown Land Reserves as the appointed Committee of Management under the Crown Land Reserves Act 1978.

There are various types of occupancy on Council and Crown land and in almost every circumstance, an agreement with Council is required to legitimately enable the occupation.

The main types of occupancy agreements are Leases and Licences, along with some permits.

Occasionally a vacancy occurs, or an abutting owner wishes to formalise an agreement and Council welcomes applications for the use of its vacant land and buildings. 

Click here to view the current public lease register.(XLSX, 19KB)

Use the links below to apply to lease or licence Council property or Land.