Advertised Planning Applications

The documents available on this page are incomplete versions of the full applications. If you wish to view a complete application, you can arrange to view a hard copy at the nearest Customer Service Centre by calling 5624 2411.


Application Number Address   Proposal Council will not make a decision before: 
PLA0188/19 (PDF, 28MB) 95 Binbeal Road 7 Lot Subdivision Application to be determined at VCAT
PLA0009/20(PDF, 2MB) 385 Labertouche Road LABERTOUCHE Use and development of the land for a caretaker's house 10th April 2020
PLA0006/20(PDF, 3MB) 250 Neerim East Road NEERIM SOUTH Building and works to construct a dwelling in association with an agricultural use  4th April 2020
PLA0248/19(PDF, 15MB)  48 Summerlea Street TRAFALGAR  Development of 2 or more Dwellings & Two Lot Subdivision 10th April 2020
PLA0037/20(PDF, 56MB)

175 Knotts Siding Road RAWSON

2567 Moe-Rawson Road MOONDARRA 

Moe-Rawson Road CARINGAL 

Delpretes Road CARINGAL

Delpretes Road CARINGAL

Thomson Valley Road AMOR

 Motor Racing Tracks (4 Day Enduro - Motorcycle Event)  10th April 2020
PLA0216/20(PDF, 8MB) Van Ess Road TRIDA Single Dwelling & Garage  10th April 2020
PLA0266/19(PDF, 16MB) 32 Neerim East Road NEERIM SOUTH Buildings and works to construct one (1) dwelling and subdivide land into two (2) lots. 18th March 2020
AMD0043/19(PDF, 2MB) 41-45 Princes Highway YARRAGON Alternation to approved development facade and construct sign  8th March 2020
PLA0023/20(PDF, 2MB) Yarragon South Road YARRAGON SOUTH Buildings and works associated with an agricultural outbuilding  1st March 2020
PLA0011/20(PDF, 168MB) 85 Thornell Road LONGWARRY The use and development of a sale yard, the construction and display of a floodlit business identification sign, reduction to car parking requirements, removal of native vegetation and creation of access to a road in a Road Zone, Category 1  5th March 2020
PLA0081/18(PDF, 3MB) Road Reserve Adjacent to 175 Settlement Road DROUIN Removal of native vegetation  17th July 2018