Advertised Planning Applications

The documents available on this page are incomplete versions of the full applications. If you wish to view a complete application, you can arrange to view a hard copy at the nearest Customer Service Centre by calling 5624 2411.

Application Number Address Proposal Council will not make a decision before
PLA0302/21(PDF, 22MB) 24-26 Waterloo Road TRAFAGAR  Buildings and works to construct 2 dwellings and subdivide land into 8 lots (staged) 15 December 2021
PLA0314/21(PDF, 11MB) 13 Hamono Road NEERIM Use and develop the land for a dwelling. 19 November 2021
PLA0315/21(PDF, 6MB) 8 Arnup Crescent DROUIN Subdivide land into two lots.  14 December 2021
AMD0042/21(PDF, 14MB) 44 Clifford Street WARRAGUL Amend PLA0358/18
Development of a Dwelling and to construct a crossover in a Heritage Overlay
14 December 2021
AMD0044/21(PDF, 8MB)   6 Farrington Close WARRAGUL Amend the endorsed plans (PLA0126/19) for the relocation of 5 glamping units 15 December 2021 
PLA0216/21(PDF, 11MB)

478 Mizpah Settlement Road

Buildings and works to construct an agricultural building. 14 December 2021
PLA0236/21(PDF, 7MB) Main South Road HALLORA  Use and development of a dwelling in association with agriculture  11 December 2021
PLA0116/21(PDF, 14MB) 80 Cook Road LONGWARRY  Proposed replacement dwelling in a farming zone  12 December 2021 
PLA0148/21(PDF, 6MB) 560 Old Sale Road DROUIN WEST  Subdivide land into 2 lots 10 December 2021
PLA0320/21(PDF, 6MB) 45 Allen Road East LARDNER  Buildings and works associated with a dam 9 December 2021
PLA0264/21(PDF, 28MB) 19 Princes Highway TRAFALGAR  Buildings and works to construct a second dwelling and subdivide land into 2 lots 8 December 2021
PLA0269/21(PDF, 3MB) 185 Main Road WALHALLA Buildings and works to construct an outbuilding 8 December 2021 
PLA0306/21(PDF, 3MB) 27 Princes Way DROUIN Use land to sell and consume liquor 8 December 2021
PLA0251/21(PDF, 8MB) 709 Nilma-Shady Creek NILMA NORTH Buildings and works to construct a replacement dwelling 7 December 2021
PLA0325/21(PDF, 9MB) 1 Bona Vista Road WARRAGUL Buildings and works to construct an extension for an existing veterinary clinic 7 December 2021 
PLA0150/21(PDF, 3MB) 110 Hillbricks Road TRAFALGAR Use and development of a dwelling 7 December 2021 
PLA0247/21(PDF, 4MB) 85 Cathcart Road LONGWARRY  Buildings and works to construct a replacement dwelling 3 December 2021 
PLA0182/21(PDF, 29MB) 10 Flinders Road LONGWARRY  Buildings and works to construct 6 dwellings and alterations to an existing dwelling 3 December 2021 
PLA0225/21(PDF, 4MB) 10 Fairway Drive DROUIN Vary an electricity easement 2 December 2021
PLA0317/21(PDF, 966KB) 170 Normanby Street WARRGUL Buildings and works to construct an extension to an existing medical centre and reduction in car parking 1 December 2021
PLA0263/21(PDF, 862KB) 3/12 Lindy Court WARRAGUL Use land for industry (i.e. cabinet making / joinery) and associated buildings and works 29 November 2021
AMD0043/21(PDF, 36MB) 122 Brandy Creek Road WARRAGUL Use and Development of a Childcare Centre, display of Business identification signage 27 November 2021
PLA0202/21(PDF, 540KB) 1/75 Brandy Creek Road WARRAGUL Subdivide land into four (4) lots 24 November 2021
PLA0303/21(PDF, 7MB) 30 Queen Street WARRAGUL Construct and display and electronic promotion sign, display a promotion sign and buildings and works for a wall extension 20 November 2021
PLA0170/21(PDF, 32MB) 11 Gibson Street TRAFALGAR Buildings and works to construct three (3) dwellings and to subdivide land into three (3) lots 6 November 2021
PLA0098/21(PDF, 11MB) 68 Childers-Thorpdale Road THORPDALE Buildings and works to construct an agricultural building 28 October 2021
PLA0288/20(PDF, 2MB) 50 Knotts Siding Road RAWSON Subdivide the land into two (2) lots and create access to a road in a Road Zone, Category 1 29 September 2021