Advertised Planning Applications

The documents available on this page are incomplete versions of the full applications. If you wish to view a complete application, you can arrange to view a hard copy at the nearest Customer Service Centre by calling 5624 2411.

Application Number Address Proposal Council will not make a decision before
PLA0246/21(PDF, 14MB) Various Roads and Reserves Remove native vegetation 7 October 2021
PLA0090/20(PDF, 11MB) 45 Lilleys Road WARRAGUL Subdivide land into two (2) lots and buildings and works to construct a second dwelling 5 October 2021
PLA0136/21(PDF, 7MB) 596 East West Road WARRAGUL Subdivision of three (3) allotments 2 October 2021
PLA0090/21(PDF, 7MB) 47 Kitchener Street TRAFALGAR Buildings and works to construct two additional dwellings 1 October 2021
PLA0059/21(PDF, 24MB) 30 Neerim East Road NEERIM SOUTH  Multi-lot subdivision and associated works  1 October 2021 
PLA0243/21(PDF, 11MB) 91 Lampard Road DROUIN Remove native vegetation associated with buildings and works for an existing leisure and recreational facility 1 October 2021
PLA0186/21(PDF, 5MB) 125 Rendell Road NEERIM EAST Buildings and works to construct a dwelling extension 30 September 2021
PLA0209/21(PDF, 3MB) 77 Queen Street WARRAGUL To use the land to sell and consume liquor in association with the use of a Hotel 30 September 2021
PLA0152/21(PDF, 13MB) Prudens Track WESTBURY Use and development of a dwelling and ancillary outbuilding 29 September 2021
PLA0288/20(PDF, 2MB) 50 Knotts Siding Road RAWSON Subdivide the land into two (2) lots and create access to a road in a Road Zone, Category 1 29 September 2021
PLA0181/21(PDF, 890KB) 90 Princes Way LONGWARRY NORTH To use land for a Cartage Contractor's Depot 28 September 2021
PLA0217/21(PDF, 2MB) 1045 Grand Ridge Road FERNDALE Buildings and works to construct an outbuilding 25 September 2021
AMD0048/21(PDF, 4MB) 1 Civic Place WARRAGUL Amending the plans endorsed under permit PLA0222/18 by increasing the area that liquor is allowed to be consumed and supplied under a licence of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 22 September 2021
PLA0074/21(PDF, 3MB) 13 Palmerston Street WARRAGUL Display business identification signs, promotion signs and floodlight sign 22 September 2021
PLA0203/21(PDF, 3MB) 44 Mcconville Lane ALLAMBEE RESERVE Buildings and works to construct an outbuilding (garage) 22 September 2021
PLA0198/21(PDF, 12MB) 228 Copelands Road WARRAGUL  Re-subdivide the land into two lots 21 September 2021
PLA0278/20(PDF, 22MB) 4 Outlook Drive DROUIN Buildings and works to construct a second dwelling and subdivide land into 2 lots 14 September 2021
AMD0043/19(PDF, 2MB) 41-45 Princes Highway YARRAGON Alteration to approved development facade and construct sign  11 September 2021
PLA0060/21(PDF, 1MB) 14 Toorongo Court WARRAGUL Two (2) lot subdivision 19 August 2021
PLA0320/20(PDF, 16MB) 71 Lampard Road DROUIN Buildings and works to construct three dwellings 11 August 2021