Advertised Planning Applications

PLA0111/20(PDF, 16MB) The documents available on this page are incomplete versions of the full applications. If you wish to view a complete application, you can arrange to view a hard copy at the nearest Customer Service Centre by calling 5624 2411.

Application Number Address Proposal Council will not make a decision before
PLA0134/20 (PDF, 12MB) 45 Wagner Road NEERIM SOUTH Use and development of a replacement dwelling  27 August 2020
PLA0104/20 (PDF, 2MB) 31-35 Queen Street NEERIM SOUTH  Subdivision of land into 2 lots 27 August 2020 
PLA0111/20(PDF, 16MB) 44 Rangeview Street WARRAGUL  Removal of Restrictive Covenant F700112 18 August 2020
PLA0035/20(PDF, 17MB) 16 Earls Road YARRAGON SOUTH Use and development of Domestic animal husbandry (Aviary) and buildings and works to construct an agricultural building. 19 August 2020
PLA0046/20(PDF, 103MB) 155 Burnt Store Road LARDNER Use of the land (155 Burnt Store Road Lardner "Lardner Park")  for a Place of Assembly (Live Entertainment Venue) and Camping associated with a Place of Assembly 26 August 2020
PLA0028/20(PDF, 60MB) 155 Burnt Store Road LARDNER

Place of Assembly, Leisure and Recreation, Education Facility, Camping and Caravan Park and  Helicopter Landing.

26 August 2020
PLA0007/20(PDF, 27MB) Darnum-Allambee Road CLOVERLEA  Use and development of a dwelling and building and works to construct an agricultural building. 10 August 2020
PLA0229/19(PDF, 3MB) 25 Old Drouin Road LONGWARRY Use of the land for a dwelling and associated buildings and works 7 August 2020
PLA0040/20(PDF, 5MB) 340 Copelands Road WARRAGUL To carry out buildings and works to construct two outbuildings. 6 August 2020
PLA0097/20(PDF, 3MB) 19 Grant Street DROUIN For the use of land as a Medical centre and a reduction in carparking  5 August 2020
PLA0115/20(PDF, 1MB) 1/80 Smith Street WARRAGUL  Liquor Licence in association with a Restaurant 3 August 2020
 PLA0139/20(PDF, 6MB) 396 Millers Road WESTBURY Buildings and works to construct an outbuilding ancillary to a dwelling. 31 July 2020
PLA0020/20(PDF, 58MB) 57 Sutton Street WARRAGUL Use and development of a tertiary institution and associated student accommodation, demolish part of a building and reduction in the required number of car parking spaces. 18 July 2020
AMD0001/20(PDF, 16MB) 245 Copelands Road WARRAGUL Amend various conditions, Amend development plan and Amend staging plan 11 July 2020
AMD0020/20(PDF, 7MB) 275 Forest Road LABERTOUCHE Increase size of greenhouse, relocate rainwater tanks and delete condition 11 on the permit. 11 July 2020
AMD0017/20(PDF, 6MB) 14 Moe-Willow Grove Road WILLOW GROVE Amending what the permit allows by replacing the word "Tavern" with the word "Hotel" and add the words "use of the land for the sale and consumption of liquor"

Amending condition 21 by replacing the words "All weather sealed surface" with "gravel"

Amending the endorsed plans by way of 2 additional signs.

25 June 2020
PLA0050/20(PDF, 4MB) 60 Brookers Road SHADY CREEK To construct a open sided building over an existing sawdust storage pile 04 June 2020  
PLA0010/20(PDF, 2MB)  7 Old Neerim Road NEERIM Use of domestic animal husbandry and associated buildings and works 29 May 2020 
PLA0037/20(PDF, 56MB) 175 Knotts Siding Road RAWSON

2567 Moe-Rawson Road MOONDARRA 

Moe-Rawson Road CARINGAL 

Delpretes Road CARINGAL

Delpretes Road CARINGAL

Thomson Valley Road AMOR

Motor Racing Tracks (4 Day Enduro - Motorcycle Event) 10 April 2020
AMD0043/19(PDF, 2MB)  41-45 Princes Highway YARRAGON Alternation to approved development facade and construct sign 8 March 2020
PLA0011/20(PDF, 168MB) 85 Thornell Road LONGWARRY
The use and development of a sale yard, the construction and display of a floodlit business identification sign, reduction to car parking requirements, removal of native vegetation and creation of access to a road in a Road Zone, Category 1 Council Decision Deferred