Advertised Planning Applications

The documents available on this page are incomplete versions of the full applications. If you wish to view a complete application, you can arrange to view a hard copy at the the Drouin Customer Service Centre. Click here to make your appointment online.

Application Number Address Proposal Council will not make a decision before
PLA0280/22(PDF, 11MB) 256 Earls Road YARRAGON SOUTH VIC  3823 Development of a replacement agricultural shed 23 February 2023
PLA0304/22(PDF, 44MB)  70-72 Brandy Creek Road WARRAGUL VIC 3820  Use and Development of a Childcare Centre, Reduction in Car Parking and Alteration of Access to a TRZ2 18 February 2023
PLA0323/22(PDF, 11MB) 78 Clifford Street WARRAGUL VIC 3820  Three Lot Subdivison 15 February 2023
PLA0315/22(PDF, 21MB) 445 Duggan North Road FUMINA VIC  3825  Two Lot Subdivison 7 February 2023
PLA0251/22(PDF, 16MB) 100 Millers Road WESTBURY VIC 3825 Development of a Replacement Dwelling 7 February 2023
PLA0187/22(PDF, 12MB) 118 Burke Street WARRAGUL VIC  3820 Development of an Outbuilding Ancillary to a Place of Worship 7 February 2023
PLA0163/22(PDF, 10MB) 224 Earls Road YARRAGON SOUTH VIC 3823 Development of an agricultural shed 7 February 2023
PLA0056/22(PDF, 4MB) 38 Waterloo Road TRAFALGAR VIC 3824 Subdivision of Two Lots 4 February 2023
PLA0232/22(PDF, 13MB) 1512 Waterloo Road YARRAGON VIC  3823 Two Lot Subdivision 31 January 2023
PLA0322/22(PDF, 19MB) 9 Myers Road DROUIN VIC  3818 Two Lot Subdivision 31 January 2023
PLA0265/22(PDF, 10MB) 12 Magnolia Way WARRAGUL VIC  3820 Two Lot Subdivision 31 January 2023
PLA0091/21(PDF, 25MB) 127 Burke Street WARRAGUL VIC  3820 Development of the land for two dwellings on a lot 28 January 2023
PLA0281/22(PDF, 12MB) 225 Dollarburn Road WARRAGUL VIC 3820 Boundary Realignment, Variation of Easement E-1 and Creation of Easement E-2 27 January 2023
PLA0158/22(PDF, 7MB) 140 Mckenzie Road NEERIM VIC 3831 Subdivision of Land into 2 lots 26 January 2023