Advertised Planning Applications

The documents available on this page are incomplete versions of the full applications. If you wish to view a complete application, you can arrange to view a hard copy at the nearest Customer Service Centre by calling 5624 2411.

Application Number Address Proposal Council will not make a decision before
PLA0263/20(PDF, 15MB) 20 Murray Road YARRAGON  Use and development of a dwelling 23 January 2021 
PLA0271/19(PDF, 9MB) 925 Main Neerim Road DROUIN WEST Use and development of a single storey dwelling and carport 22 January 2021 
PLA0262/20(PDF, 3MB) 320 Forest Road LABERTOUCHE  Use of domestic animal husbandry  21 January 2021 
PLA0270/20(PDF, 4MB) 471 Longwarry-Drouin Road DROUIN  Use and development of a single dwelling and outbuilding  15 January 2021 
PLA0226/20(PDF, 5MB) 2650 Willow Grove Road HILL END  Works to build and construct an outbuilding  14 January 2021 
AMD0021/20(PDF, 14MB) 51 Victoria Street WARRAGUL  Removal of 7 carparking spaces and construction of a second drive through  18 December 2020 
PLA0260/20(PDF, 2MB) 491 Rogers Road TRAFALGAR SOUTH  Buildings and works to construct an outbuilding  18 December 2020 
AMD0001/20(PDF, 1MB) 245 Copelands Road WARRAGUL Amend various conditions, amend development plan and amend staging plan 17 December 2020 
PLA0210/20(PDF, 12MB) 9 Longview Road WARRAGUL Use & Development of a display home centre with associated signage and car park & reduction in car parking requirements 

12 December 2020

 AMD0051/20(PDF, 5MB) 84 Petschack Road JINDIVICK Subdivision (boundary realignment) and use and development of a Dwelling (amended location and design) 2 December 2020 
 PLA0208/20(PDF, 4MB) 813 Jacksons Track
Buildings and works to construct an outbuilding ancillary to an existing dwelling and an agricultural building 5 December 2020
 PLA0242/20(PDF, 685KB) 2/30 Masterson Court WARRAGUL  Use for a restricted retail premises 2 December 2020 
 173A0005/20(PDF, 2MB) 19 Ripplebrook Court DROUIN

 Amend a section 173 agreement, AI612200N, by:
- Adding the words 'without the prior written consent of Council as the responsible authority' after the words 'Building envelope' to obligation 6.1
- Adding the words 'without the prior written consent of Council as the responsible authority' after the words 'Effluent Disposal Envelope' to obligation 6.2
- Remove the following obligations from the agreement;
6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6, 6.7

24 November 2020
PLA0212/20(PDF, 2MB) 2476 Willow Grove Road HILL END Buildings and works to construct an agricultural building (hay storage) 12 November 2020
PLA0278/19(PDF, 21MB) 28 Wood Street DROUIN Development of two additional dwellings and subdivision of the land into three lots 12 November 2020
PLA0166/20 (PDF, 22MB) 7 Neilson Court WARRAGUL Use and development of industry (cabinet making) and reduce the required number of car parking spaces 10 October 2020
PLA0010/20(PDF, 2MB) 7 Old Neerim Road NEERIM Use of domestic animal husbandry and associated buildings and works 29 May 2020 
AMD0043/19(PDF, 2MB) 41-45 Princes Highway YARRAGON Alternation to approved development facade and construct sign 8 March 2020