Development Contribution Plans in PSP Areas

What is a Development Contribution Plan?

A development contribution plan (DCP) is the financial document which accompanies the precinct structure plan (PSP). The DCP sets out the major infrastructure projects identified in the relative precinct structure plan, including the budgeted cost of each project. Each developer within the PSP area is required to contribute financially to the DCP, according to the amount of land they are developing.

How does a DCP work?

Within the DCP each infrastructure project is identified and a budget amount allowed for each project. All the project budget costs are tallied for the relative precinct, to establish the total cost for infrastructure delivery for that precinct. 

The developable land within the precinct is also calculated, known as the ‘Net Developable Area’ (NDA).

To establish the price per hectare charge of the DCP, total infrastructure cost is divided by the net developable area. Any developments in a PSP area, must contribute according to the amount of land being developed, to fund the infrastructure required.