Glass Recycling Bin

Council is planning to introduce a new residential separate glass recycling service.

In line with the Victorian State Government Recycling Victoria: A new economy policy, every Victorian household will begin the transition to a standardised four-waste stream system.

Residential households who currently have a Baw Baw Shire Council kerbside residential collection service will receive a new purple-lidded glass recycling bin for glass bottles and jars.

The purple-lidded glass recycling bin is targeted to have the first collection in October 2024.

Households will receive a purple-lidded 120L glass recycling bin in the months leading up to the first collection.

Separating glass bottles and jars into a new separate glass recycling bin will help improve recycling quality.

Glass collected in the yellow lid mixed recycling bin can break and the fragments can stick to other materials such as paper and cardboard, causing the materials to become  contaminated,  and ending up in landfill.

The material collected in the new separate glass recycling bin can be remade into products such a new glass jars and road base.

What glass can go in my glass recycling bin?

Glass bottles and jars. This includes:

  • Glass sauce bottles
  • Glass condiments jars (jams, spreads, preserves)
  • Glass wine and beer bottles
  • Glass soft drink bottles
  • Glass medicine bottles
  • It is ok to place broken glass bottles and jars in the glass recycling bin.

Please give items a rinse, if necessary, remove all lids or corks and remember to place items in the glass recycling bin loose (do not bag recyclables).

What can't go in my glass recycling bin?

Any glass item that isn’t a glass bottle and jar cannot be recycled in the new purple lidded bin. This includes:

  • Drinking or wine glasses
  • Window glass, fish tank glass, glass doors
  • Pyrex or glass containers
  • Bakeware or ovenware
  • Ceramics or stoneware
  • Perfume bottles
  • Light bulbs
  • Mirrors
  • Vases

The above items should be donated if possible, or placed in your red general rubbish bin where appropriate. 

Why can't other glass be recycled in my glass recycling bin?

Glass items such as drinking glasses, bakeware and window glass are made to melt at a higher temperature in the manufacturing process compared to glass bottles and jars that contained food or drink.

These items will add to contamination and therefore cannot be recycled in the same process.

Do I need to remove lids and labels from glass bottles and jars?

You will need to remove lids from glass bottles and jars. You can place metal lids and plastic lids above 5cm in the yellow mixed recycling bin.

Small plastic lids below 5cm and corks can be placed in the general rubbish bin. Labels can be left on.

Do glass bottle and jars need to be loose?

Yes. Please place glass bottles and jars in the purple-lidded glass recycling bin loose. 

How often is my glass recycling bin going to be collected?

Every 4 weeks (monthly) on the same day as your other kerbside collection services.

Download the Baw Baw Waste App to find a collection calendar here, or check out the Baw Baw Waste Guide(PDF, 2MB).

Why do we have a new glass recycling bin?

The Victorian Government is introducing new regulations about how household recycling is managed as part of the Recycling Victoria: a new economy policy.

As part of this policy, Victorian Councils are required to provide separate glass recycling as part of transitioning households to a four-waste stream system to support the circular economy. 

Why do we need to separate glass?

Broken glass makes other items like cardboard, paper and plastic hard to recycle.

By putting your glass bottles and jars in a separate glass recycling bin more glass can be recycled into new things. Glass can be made into new products like glass bottles and jars, and road base as part of the circular economy.

It can also reduce contamination in the mixed recycling bin as less glass can be imbedded in paper, cardboard and plastics to improve the quality and recovery of these materials to be turned into new products as well. 

What is I am a commercial property with a Council waste collection service?

The purple-lidded glass recycling bin will only be introduced to residential households at this stage.