Managing Sports Clubs


Risk Management

Risk management is good club management practice. It means finding potential risks, thinking about potential damage and injuries, and taking action.

Benefits of risk management include:

  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Improved reputation and public confidence.
  • Increased life of facility and protection against damage.
  • Reduced potential for serious personal injury.
  • Positive risk awareness culture.
  • Improved safety.

If an incident has occurred at a Council-owned or managed facility, you need to report it using the Incident Report Form.

Training and Match Day Inspections

Most peak sporting associations require pre-training and match day inspections. Every inspection needs to be recorded and saved.

Match Day Checklists

All clubs competing at the ground on match day are required to complete the match day checklists. Typically, the home team representative and an away team representative sign the form if they are satisfied with the ground condition. When the association/league is responsible for proceedings on match day then an association/league representative may take responsibility.

The participating clubs should still review the questions and sign the form if they are satisfied with the conditions before the start of play. All clubs should choose a suitable person to be responsible for the checklist and arrange a back-up if that person isn't available.

Completed Checklists

The checklist should be kept by the home club (or association/league if a common ground). A copy should be attached to the results for the day and sent to the association/league. Copies of match day checklists must be kept for a minimum of seven years to comply with Victorian legislation. It is important that clubs keep the document safe in case it needs to be used to defend any future claims.

Clubs should advise the Council of any issues, especially repair works, so it can be scheduled to be fixed.

Use of Contractors

Baw Baw Shire Council must approve any works before they are started on Council-owned or managed land. Contractors must be registered with the Council before any works are started. All contractors must show their qualifications, a copy of their certificate of currency for insurance, and a Safe Work Method Statement must be completed.

To register with the Council, complete the contractor registration form.


All groups using Council facilities must have public liability and contents insurance. There are some insurance providers set up especially for not-for-profit groups, including local community insurance services, as well as a number of private insurance providers.

Tenancy Agreements

Baw Baw Shire Council requires all sporting and community groups at Council owned or controlled facilities to sign a tenancy agreement.