Water Saving Programs


Rainwater Tanks at Kindergartens

Rainwater tanks have been installed in 13 kindergartens throughout the Shire, including Neerim South, Trafalgar, Willow Grove and Erica. The project is helping teach children about where water comes from and the importance of saving water. Each kinder uses the water from the tanks for their gardens and water play.

The tanks are also connected to the toilets for flushing. Other upgrades to the kindergartens include low volume dual flush toilets and flow restrictors on taps.

Rainwater Tanks at the Shire Offices

Rainwater tanks have been installed at the majority of Council offices. The water that’s captured is used to flush all toilets – saving millions of litres of water a year.

Rainwater Tanks at the Warragul Leisure Centre

Tanks have also been installed at the Warragul Leisure Centre to help cut-down the amount of water used to keep the pool maintained. We estimate about four mega-litres of water have been saved since 2007 because of the new tanks.

Pool Covers

All of Baw Baw Shire’s pools have pool covers – Warragul, Drouin, Trafalgar, Thorpdale, Neerim South and Rawson. The covers help save water, energy and chemicals.

Community Water Partnerships - Nilma Darnum Recreation Reserve and Fonterra

The Nilma Darnum Recreation Reserve has a secure water supply all year round thanks to a partnership between the Football Club/Reserve, local dairy factory Fonterra, the Environment Protection Authority and Council.

A permanent 1.2 km pipeline takes Class C treated waste water from Fonterra's factory to the Reserve which is stored in two 45,000 litre tanks and provides a constant water source to the fields. The project took two years with lots of work and support from everyone involved, particularly community volunteers. This project was funded by the Victoria's Department of Planning and Community Development.

Rainwater Tanks at Public Facilities

Rainwater tanks have been installed at public facilities around the shire with minor plumbing works to improve water savings including flow restrictors on taps, replacing leaking plumbing and installing dual-flush water efficient toilets to replace old cisterns. It is expected to reduce water consumption by 30 per cent to 40 per cent.

Rainwater tanks were installed at: Drouin Civic Park Toilets, Drouin Senior Citizen Hall, Warragul Queen Street Toilets, Warragul Senior Citizen Hall, Mawarra Community Garden, Darnum Memorial Hall and Yarragon Public Hall.