Home Efficiency Toolkits

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Baw Baw Shire Council has partnered with Myli and Bass Coast, South Gippsland and Cardinia Shire Councils to provide free home efficiency toolkits in each Shire that help you assess the energy, water, and thermal efficiency of your home.

The free to hire kits can be used to help you identify areas and appliances in your home that could be improved; helping you save money, make your home more comfortable to live in and reduce your environmental impact, all at the same time. 

Along with the home efficiency kit, you can also hire a portable induction cooktop kit that allows you to try out induction cooking before committing to a purchase for your home. 

The kits are available for hire via the Myli Libraries in Drouin, Neerim South and Warragul or via the Myli website, and include the following items:

Home Efficiency Kit

  • Power-Mate Lite - shows how much electricity an appliance is using and what it's costing you to run.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera - shows you the hot and cold areas of your house, including gaps in insulation.
  • Energy Saving Thermometer - shows the appropriate operating temperature for heating and cooling appliances.
  • Instructions for each device.
  • Click here for more information on the Home Efficiency Kit.

Induction Cooktop Kit

  • Portable Induction Cooktop - experience induction cooking without the commitment of a purchase. 
  • Magnets - allow you to check if your cookware has a ferrous (iron) bottom, which is required for induction cooking. 
  • Instruction for use. 
  • Click here for more information on the Induction Cooktop Kit.

Check out the kits

If you would like to see what the kits are all about before hiring one, click on the images below. Each one contains additional resources and ideas that you can use to help make your home more efficient, sustainable, and save you money.

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Baw Baw Shire Council is committed to ensuring the future of the Shire is a healthy, thriving and sustainable one, and by hiring these free kits and making improvements to your home, you can too!