Weed Control

Baw Baw Shire implements a yearly program to control priority harmful weeds on council managed roadsides.

Annual weed control program

Approximately 300 kilometers of roads are treated for blackberries each year, depending on funding allocations from Council and State Government. With 1,515 kilometres of local roads within Baw Baw Shire, it is not possible to treat all harmful weeds on all roadsides every year.

For blackberries, a rotational program is run starting with the roads listed as collector roads, then followed by local roads and local minor roads. Roads treated will be retreated after two to three years to ensure that follow-up control is done.

Landowners can request to have their roads included on the spray list. Please contact Council on 1300 229 229 for more information.

Weed control on the main arterial roads and freeways is the responsibility of Regional Roads Victoria.

Species of Weeds

Species of weeds to be treated will be based on the priority weeds for the area – gorse, blackberries, broom and ragwort.

There will be some money allocated for the control of environmental weeds such as holly, ivy and hawthorn where a Landcare or community group sees them as a local priority.

Council provides a free service to landholders and residents on weed identification and control, including new landowner’s information kits, property visits and a free allocation of herbicide for control of harmful weeds.

The Common Weeds of West Gippsland booklet(PDF, 9MB) is free and available at Baw Baw Shire Customer Service Centres.

For more information contact Council's Natural Environment team on 1300 229 229.

Contractors Carrying Out Works

Only registered contractors using herbicides registered for targeted weeds will be used to undertake the work when weather conditions are suitable. Roads allocated for treatment will be advertised in local media at the start of the weed spraying season. Farmers with organic properties are encouraged to contact council staff to ensure that their properties are not impacted from the use of herbicides on their roadsides.

Baw Baw Shire Weed Management Strategy

Weed control is a vital component of land management, both in preserving the habitat quality of conservation areas and for productive farm management.

The strategy identifies weed control actions for Council owned and managed land, identifies weed control actions that provide support to the community to encourage weed control on private land and partnerships with other stakeholders including neighbouring councils to maximise weed control across all land within the shire. The strategy also guides works, define and document responsibility, raise community awareness and ensure the best economic return.

Existing council weed programs include:

  • one-on-one assistance for new landowners;
  • the provision of information on weed identification and control methods;
  • and support for Landcare or community groups and schools through weed workshops and activities.

You can download the Baw Baw Shire Weed Management Strategy here. (PDF, 690KB)

Rural Weed Control Grants

Weed control grants are available to help new landholders and community groups control Declared Noxious weeds on private and adjoining public land. For full details and applications, please visit the Rural Weed Control Grants webpage.