Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2022-2030


The Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2022-203 is the key strategic document that details Council’s environmental management and sustainability goals, aspirations, and commitments for the next eight years.

The Strategy is a key enabling mechanism that works towards achieving the aspirations outlined in the Council Plan and Community Vision.

There are many environmental facets within the municipality that can be impacted by increased development and growth, climate change and new legislation. However, with these challenges comes opportunities. This Strategy seeks to take advantage of these opportunities and work towards improving environmental management throughout the municipality and support Council and the community to reduce its impacts on the environment.

The Environmental Sustainability Vision for the Strategy is, “Council will improve the way it operates for the benefit of the environment and future generations and is active in encouraging the community to do the same.”

Through this Strategy, Council aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Reduce Energy Use and Emissions.
  • Sustainable and Resilient Communities.
  • Protect the Natural Environment.
  • Shift Towards a more Circular Economy.

These four strategic goals have been developed to guide Council’s efforts in achieving its vision. It is intended that these goals remain in place for the life of the strategy. Under each goal, strategic initiatives have been identified.

These strategic initiatives are the key deliverables that will guide Council to achieve each goal and have been developed with a four-year timeframe in mind.

A review of the strategic initiatives will therefore be conducted after four years to ensure that they remain relevant to achieve the goals of the strategy.

To achieve the goals and the four-year strategic initiatives outlined within this Strategy, a biennial operational action plan will be developed and implemented.

Click here to download a copy of the Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2022-2030(PDF, 6MB)