Council Plan

Council Plan 2017-2021 

The Council Plan is a road map which sets out the priorities and goals for the four-year Council term. Each year the Council Plan is reviewed to confirm key priorities for the remaining period and to guide preparation of the Annual Budget. The Council Plan 2017-2021 2020/21 Annual Review was adopted by Council on Wednesday 26 August 2020.

In developing the Council Plan, Council has considered:

  • Council’s long term planning, including Long Term Infrastructure Plan(PDF, 8MB) and Long Term Financial Strategies(PDF, 2MB).
  • Community and Councillor planning workshops held to identify the key issues Council needs to consider in developing the Council Plan.
  • Responses made to a community survey on what the community values and wants for the future.
  • Emerging issues, challenges and opportunities facing the community, the shire and the region.
  • Community needs and aspirations for the future as expressed in the BawBaw 2050 community vision.
  • Council’s role, and organisation capacity and capability over the next four years.

Key Principles for Council Plan delivery

Council will strive to:

  • Effectively manage Council’s resources and finances
  • Create value for the community in the delivery of its services
  • Provide positive leadership and direction for the Baw Baw community
  • Be a Council that is open, transparent, listens and responds to the community

Council's Strategic Objectives

The four objectives of the Council Plan, which together will drive Council’s planning, major projects and service delivery over the four years 2017 - 2021, are:

  1. Vibrant communities.
  2. Thriving economy.
  3. Safe and sustainable environments.
  4. Organisational excellence.

Under each of these, Council has identified the services it will deliver and a number of four-year strategies to achieve the objectives and the outcomes that council is wanting to achieve.

Objective 1: Vibrant Communities

  1. Continue design works and advocacy for external funding to support the Community Hub facility in Drouin.
  2. Commence detailed design and construction of the Drouin Civic Park redevelopment project.
  3. Continue implementation of the small town and rural communities Placemaking Program.
  4. Establish Council’s position to provide the infrastructure required to implement the State Government’s commitments relating to 3 and 4-year-old kindergarten.
  5. Commence development of neighbourhood preferred character guidelines.
  6. Commence development of Longwarry Structure Plan.
  7. Commence implementation of the long-term Drouin Township Plan.
  8. Complete the Baw Baw Civic Precinct Masterplan.
  9. Deliver Baw Baw Shire’s youth FReeZa program.
  10. Continue implementation of the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan annual action plan.
  11. Continue progress towards delivering recreation facilities prioritised in the Recreation Strategy and Recreation Masterplans.
  12. Implement the revised Open Space Maintenance Standards. 

Objective 2: Thriving Economy

  1. Implement Council’s Economic Development Strategy that is based on four pillars: business engagement, business attraction, advocacy and tourism.
  2. Continue to deliver Destination Action Plans to support the growth of the Baw Baw Shire visitor economy.
  3. Adopt and implement phase one of the Recreational Vehicle Strategy.

Objective 3: Safe and Sustainable Environments

  1. Continue implementation of Council’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy action plan.
  2. Commence implementation of Council’s new Road Maintenance Contract.
  3. Continue the Warragul CBD Streetscape Project improvement works.
  4. Complete review of Council’s Road Management Plan.
  5. Implement and deliver Council’s Accelerated Footpath Program.

Objective 4: Organisational Excellence

  1. Continue Council’s service planning and review program to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Council services.
  2. Implement recommendations from the service review of the Aged and Disability Services Program.
  3. Review Council’s Engagement Policy and commence work with the community to review the long-term Community Vision for the Shire.
  4. Continue to advocate for Baw Baw Shire and its community through ongoing engagement with Government on priority issues and projects.

Council will identify annual initiatives against each of the objectives which will be included in the annual Budget.

The Council Plan also includes the Strategic Resource Plan, which identifies the financial resources that will be required over the next four years in order to achieve the Council Plan objectives.

Reporting our performance

Council regularly reports its performance in its quarterly reports, Annual Report and Performance Statements, which are published to Council’s website.

Council also publishes its annual performance against the Local Government Performance Reporting Framework on the State Government Know Your Council website

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