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Please note that a Change of Address Form must be completed for each person.

If you have changed your name, please be sure to also complete a Change of Name Form.

Ownership details can only be changed on receipt of Notice of Acquisition/Disposition or a full copy of the title.

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Is your property located on a corner block? (If yes, your address may require amendment. Your property must be addressed as per the primary access point. The Revenue Team will be in contact if required.)

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Privacy Statement 

The personal information on this form is being collected by Council to enable the distribution of rates and charge details to Ratepayers and the preparation of the Municipal Voters Roll. The information will be used by Council for these primary purposes or directly related to municipal purposes only. Council may disclose this information to other authorities including Gippsland Water, South East Water, TXU, Origin Energy and Telstra to enable the provision of services to the property. If these contact details are not kept up to date, rate notices or other municipal information may not reach you and in the case of Rate Notices, interest and legal charges may be incurred if rates are not paid by the due dates. You may apply to Council to gain access to, or for the amendment of personal information held by Council. Information on Council's Privacy Policies can be obtained from Council's Privacy Officer during business hours on 03 5624 2411.