Hairdressers, Beauty Therapy and Skin Penetration Premises


All hairdressing, beauty therapy or skin penetration (body or ear piercing, tattooing or electrolysis) businesses must be registered under the Public Health & Well Being Act 2008. 

It is an offence to operate hairdressing, beauty therapy or skin penetration premises without holding current registration with Council.

New businesses must be inspected by the Council's Public Health Unit prior to operation or prior to a transfer of ownership. Regular inspections of these businesses are also carried out to ensure appropriate standards are maintained. A complete list of the standards can be found on the Department of Health's website.

Registration covers a 12 month period from 1 January through to 31 December of each year or the date the business commences operation. In October of each year a renewal of registration form is sent out to all businesses, along with a request for payment of the annual registration fee. This form must be completed and returned to Council with the payment.

Council's Public Health Unit handles applications for registration of a new business and renewal of registrations.

Please note: Due to the high risk of spread of infection where skin penetration procedures are carried out, mobile tattooing businesses are not permitted.