Immunisation Records


Immunisation History Requests

Baw Baw Shire Council keeps immunisation records for people vaccinated during our school programs and our open immunisation sessions. The records are kept for 25 years from the date of the last vaccination. To request an immunisation history from Council, email the Immunisation Team or call 5624 2519. If you require an immunisation statement or certificate, contact The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register as detailed on this page.

The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR)

The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) is a national register administered by Medicare Australia that records details of vaccinations given to children under seven years of age who live in Australia.

An immunisation statement is sent to you when your child turns one, two and five years of age, or you can ask for one at any other time. The statement tells you what immunisations are recorded on the register for your child and any immunisations that are missing.

For more information on immunisation statements or certificates, go to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register or call 1800 653 809.

School Entry Immunisation Statements

Prior to enrolling in primary school in Victoria, parents and carers must provide proof of their child's immunisation status. ACIR will automatically send you an immunisation history statement after your child has completed their four year old immunisations, which you can use as proof of your child's immunisation status for school entry.

If for some reason your child's immunisation records are incomplete, you can request an immunisation history from Council by emailing the Immunisation Team or calling 5624 2519.