Apply Online

Before you begin your online planning application we recommend that you first make use of our Pre-Planning Application Services so that you have everything you need ready to go to lodge your application.

Alternatively, your can submit your planning application via hard copy or email. Please visit Your Planning Permit for details. 

If your application qualifies for VicSmart, please select the VicSmart option (New VicSmart Permits). Please visit the VicSmart website for further details or contact the planning department on 5624 2411 to discuss if you are unsure.

Required documents and payment

To complete your online application you will need the following documents in .PDF format:

  • A cover letter detailing the proposal;
  • Certificate of Title produced in the last 60 days, including any covenants and agreements (these documents can be obtained from the Landata webpage);
  • Plans drawn to scale and dimension including
    • Existing Site Plan
    • Proposed Site Plans, Elevations and Floor Plans;
  • Reports responding to the relevant requirements of the  Baw Baw Planning Scheme.

Please note that other information may be requested by Council if considered necessary to assess the application.

Payment will be required at the time of submission via credit card or a debit card (Visa or Mastercard). 

Ready to Proceed?

Once you are ready to proceed with your online application as per the advice above, click below to proceed to the online application portal.

Click here to make an online application.