About Family Day Care


Welcome to Baw Baw Family Day Care

Family day care is a network of selected and approved Educators offering a quality, personalised and monitored home based child care program for children. Our service has been consistently rated as Exceeding the National Standards, and our Educators strive to provide a safe, nurturing and educational environment for the children in their care. Our qualified staff collaborate with the Educators and families to build strong connections and relationships.

  • Care takes place in the Educator’s home.
  • Care may be work or study related or for non-work reasons
  • Care may be full time, part-time or casual. 
  • Children can also receive care before and after school or kindergarten, outside regular hours or overnight.
  • Over 200 children from two months to 12 years of age currently access Baw Baw Family Day Care.

 Children and Educators In Dress-ups

Baw Baw Family Day Care offers:

  • Small groups- a maximum of four pre-school children including those children residing in the Educator’s own home
  • Quality educational program
  • Flexible routines
  • Brothers & sisters may be placed together
  • Family matched with Educator
  • Parents choose Educator with similar values
  • Convenient geographical locality
  • Access to local kindergartens and schools
  • Monitoring & support by professional qualified Coordination Unit staff
  • Maintenance of neighbourhood network
  • Participation in the community
  • Affordable-Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate available to eligible families

Family Day Care is open to the general community. Requests for care are prioritised according to Australian Government levels of priority. Children at risk and children of parents who are working, or looking for work, studying or training are in a higher category than any other child.

Our vision

To be a flexible, responsive and nationally assessed and rated service that provides quality outcomes for children and supports parents in their childrearing role. 

Contact Details

Baw Baw Family Day Care
144 Normanby Street, Warragul 

Call us on  5625 0216 or Email Family Day Care