Baw Baw Family Day Care....the natural choice

Why FDC?...Gosh where do we start? Firstly, the consistency of care and the partnership we have with our educator is extremely important; open communication, honesty, support, respect, trust and a consistent behavioural management approach. Also, the variety of activities, experiences and adventures that the children participate in are fantastic, teaching them numerous life skills in a supported family environment with children of various ages.   

Robyn & Rick M. - Baw Baw Family Day Care parents

Hi, I have been a registered Baw Baw Family Day Care Educator for 16 years.  I started family day care as I always loved children and had a young family myself. I wanted to be home and running my home-based day care business meant I could have the best of both worlds. I am confident that each child feels a sense of belonging and that their wellbeing is considered constantly. Every child is special and each child has their own personality that helps them develop their own unique character. I have had lots of children over the years and I have welcomed them into my home. I enjoy watching all the children develop and grow into confident and independent young people.

Tracy - Baw Baw Family Day Care Educator (16 years service)

I have been an educator with Baw Baw Family Day Care for 2 years. I am proud to be a part of this fantastic service, I have been supported and helped every step of the way. The amazing staff made my transition from long day child care educator into FDC so easy and comfortable. As an educator, I feel blessed to be supported by such a wonderful group of ladies.

Maureen - Baw Baw Family Day Care Educator (2 years service)

Why I love being an Educator at Baw Baw Family Day Care; Build long lasting relationships with children and families, have great support from the office and the enjoyment of working from home.

Dianna - Baw Baw Family Day Care Educator (16 years service)

Family Day Care is a hectic but extremely rewarding job. There are lots of tasks, guidelines and procedures to be met; the office staff are always willing to assist and support me with meeting these in my own family day care business.

Anne - Baw Baw Family Day Care Educator (4 years service)

Baw Baw Family Day Care is a wonderful community that I have been welcomed into by all the staff and educators.

Rachael - Baw Baw Family Day Care Educator (2 years service)

We have been with our Family Day care educator for the past 11 years. In this time, she has become an integral part of our family and our children certainly feel as though they are a part of hers. She has developed an interpersonal relationship with both of our sons, as well as with my husband and I, all while maintaining an impressive level of professionalism. It is evident that she puts a lot of time and effort into planning her days with the children, with activities always varied and always age appropriate. Personally, I think that our educators greatest attribute is her ability to teach. Thanks to our educator, my children have learnt to count and to write their names, well before I would've even considered teaching them. She also shares the same values as our family, meaning the children are given a stable and constant environment, similar to that of home, with the same rules and emphasis on treating each other kindly and with respect, being polite, healthy eating and exercise, and hygiene. Our educator has played an enormous part in the lives of our boys, very much helping them to become the good little people that they are.

Kelly G. - Baw Baw Family Day Care parent

- We absolutely loved receiving the portfolio last year. It is evident that our educator puts in so much time, effort and love into providing all the children with great experience.

- My child gets to attend activities that I am unable to get to, e.g. Rhymetime.

- Our educator is like a mother to my child. She is the best thing that has ever happened to my family. I don’t honestly know what I’d do without her, If I can’t be at home with my baby, then I could simply not ask a better person to look after/raise my child. She is amazing.

Family Day Care Families

All 5 of my children have used our amazing educator with Baw Baw Family Day Care. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of care that she provides and the experiences that my children participate in on a daily basis.

Tracey - Baw Baw Family Day Care parent

I have been a Baw Baw Family Day Care educator for over 7 years. I love being a part of the Baw Baw Family Day Care team. I have the flexibility to provide all my families with high quality care for their children. I thoroughly enjoy finding alternative ways to engage the children within my care and watch them develop.

Martha - Baw Baw Family Day Care Educator (7 years service)