Community Satisfaction Survey

Each year Baw Baw Shire Council participates in a Community Satisfaction Survey, which is coordinated by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions on behalf of Victorian Councils.

The telephone survey is conducted by JWS Research on behalf of the Department, interviewing a random sample of 400 adult Baw Baw residents. The survey period is generally between February and March each year.

As a minimum, performance measures assessed by the Community Satisfaction Survey include:

  • Overall performance
  • Community consultation and engagement  
  • Lobbying on behalf of the community
  • Decisions made in the interest of the community  
  • Condition of sealed local roads in your area
  • Contact customer service  
  • Overall Council direction

The results of the Community Satisfaction Survey are used by Council to better understand community needs in relation to its services.

The survey results for ‘community consultation’, ‘decisions made in the interest of the community’ and ‘condition of sealed local roads’ form part of the Local Government Performance Reporting Framework and are published on the Know Your Council website.

For more information and enquiries, email Council or call 5624 2411.

2021 Community Satisfaction Survey results

Our continued commitment to improved service delivery is clear and can be seen in the results of the 2021 Community Satisfaction Survey(PDF, 3MB).

Score increases in each of the core areas measured, when compared to the previous 12 months, shows that Council is on the right track in meeting the expectations of the community. 

Council's largest score improvements came in the 'overall Council direction' and 'community decisions' categories, indicating that the community understands, and importantly, approves of Council's vision.

Baw Baw Shire Council is committed to achieving organisational excellence, and dedicated to sustained improvement in all aspects of its business.

You can view a summary of the result below.


Overall performance

The overall performance index score of 54 for Baw Baw Shire Council represents a a significant five point improvement on the 2020 result. Overall performance is at its highest level since 2014.

The average overall performance score State-wide was 61, and 58 for the Large Rural group.

Value for money

Council’s performance in providing value for money in infrastructure and services provided (index score of 45) is rated lower than the Large Rural and State-wide averages (index scores of 54 and 50 wide averages respectively).

Waste management

Waste management (index score of 69) is the area where Council performed best in 2021. Council performs significantly higher than the Large Rural group average and in line with the State-wide average in this service area. 

Community consultation

Council achieved an index score of 53 for the community consultation and engagement area, equal to our previous peak rating achieved in 2014.

Residents aged 18 to 34 years (index score of 58) rate Council significantly higher than average in this rate service area. 

Decisions made in the interest of the community

Council’s most improved measure in 2021 is 'decisions made in the interest of the community', with an index score of 52; which is significantly higher than the score of 46 in 2020. This increase is also significant among most demographic and geographic cohorts.

Customer service

Council’s customer service index of 67 marks a three-point increase on the 2020 result. Our customer service score is rated in line with the State-wide and Large Rural group averages (index scores of 70 and 68 respectively). 

Promisingly, among those who have had contact with Council, a majority (61%) provide a positive customer service rating of ‘very good’ or ‘good’. 

Council direction

Perceptions of the direction of Council’s overall performance have increased significantly, by six index points (index score of 50). This rates in line with the Large Rural Group average but lower than the State-wide average (index scores of 51 and 53 respectively).

Local sealed roads

Following a doubling in Council's road maintenance investment, an all-time high rating in sealed local roads was achieved in 2021, with an increase of 5 points on the previous year. While Council rated lower than the State-wide and Large Rural group averages for its performance in this service area (index scores of 57 and 50 respectively), it is determined to meet the needs and expectations of the community.

With an annual investment of $8 million and this heightened priority, Council anticipates that results will continue to improve throughout the life of the road maintenance contract.


Lobbying is another area in which Council's score improved, and is approaching the peak rating scored in 2015. Council scores lower than the State-wide average in this area.