Place Names Advisory Committee


The Place Names Advisory Committee provides appropriate advice and recommendations on place-naming matters in order to facilitate decision making by the Council in relation to the discharge of its responsibilities.  

The Committee is seeking input from the Baw Baw Shire community to collect a bank of notable women’s names to be used in naming parks, reserves, streets, localities and other public features.

After conducting a survey from Geographic Names Victoria partnered with Gender Equity Victoria, the Committee is now eager to uncover notable women’s names for future projects in the Shire so we can address the disparity between male and female named features.

We want to tap into the rich knowledge of community groups to source the best names possible to be set aside for future projects; and we think you can help.

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Current naming proposals

There are currently no place names proposals consultation opportunities.

Councillor representatives

Councillor Jazmin Tauru


Councillor Keith Cook