Drouin & Warragul Arterial Road Network Planning

The road to a better future for Baw Baw

We know traffic in Warragul and Drouin is a concern for our community and our businesses. The 100-year-old network of State-managed arterial roads is past its use-by date. It just isn't designed to cope with our region's growth.

We have a plan to do something about it and we want your help.

Council is advocating to the State Government to allocate $3 million of funding to design a modern, fit-for purpose arterial road network that can handle the amount of traffic we're seeing now and will see in the future.

Click below to learn more about the solution and how you can make it happen. 


The issue.

Warragul and Drouin's arterial road network cannot cope with the current congestion and growth.

Over the past decade, the residents and businesses in Drouin and Warragul have been urging Council to address issues of traffic and congestion driven by extraordinary residential growth.

  • In the next few years almost 20,000 new homes will be constructed
  • Network not designed for volume of local residential or industrial traffic 
  • Arterial congestion is hindering commercial and industrial growth
  • Gippsland and Baw Baw Shire provides 22% of dairy product in Australia 
  • Baw Baw Shire provides 10% of Victoria’s vegetable supply per annum 
  • An improved network with better transport for livestock, extractive resources and agricultural produce 

The solution.

A new arterial network that's better for business and the community.

Council is actively advocating to the State Government to allocate $3 million of funding to undertake the transport network planning needed to address the problem with new and fit-for-purpose arterial transport routes in and around Drouin and Warragul.


  1. Drouin (Western) Bypass
  2. Duplication of Princes Way (between Warragul and Drouin)
  3. Improved intersections - Princes Way & Wellwood Road, Drouin Warragul Off Ramps; Howitt Street and Burke Street Intersections
  4. Drouin (Eastern) Bypass
  5. Buln Buln Road Interchange Dollarburn Road Extension (Warragul Bypass) 

The ways you can help.

With a coordinated approach, we can make this happen.

Write a letter of support.

Writing a letter to your local representatives, MPs and Ministers is a great way to let them know that this issue matters to you and that you want their support.

Not sure where to start?

 Click here to download a Letter of Support template(DOCX, 23KB) that you can edit as you like.

Written your letter? Send it to your local member.

Here is a list of local members that you can send your letter to:

 Gary Blackwood – Member for Narracan

Harriet Shing – Member for Eastern Victoria

Jeff Bourman – Member for Eastern Victoria

Russell Broadbent MP – Member for Monash

Darren Chester MP – National Party of Australia (Victoria)

Ben Carroll MP -  Minister for Public Transport, Minister for Roads and Road Safety

Jacinta Allan MP -  Minister for Transport Infrastructure, Minister for the Suburban Rail Loop

Mary-Anne Thomas MP -  Minister for Agriculture, Minister for Regional Development

Talk about the issue.

Spread the word. Speak to your friends, colleagues and fellow industry members about the issue. Talk to your local representatives. Put the issue on the agenda.

Tap into networks.

Look for opportunities to share information through your existing networks. Reach out to industry and business groups.

Use all channels.

Amplify the message by sharing it on social media, in newsletters and publications. Write a letter to your local paper or your local representative.

Work with us.

Help us advocate most effectively by staying in touch and sharing your valuable insights. Have questions or need support? Let us know - we're here to help.

Road Advocacy Community Forum - Watch Here

Did you miss our road advocacy community forum?

Mayor of Baw Baw Shire, Councillor Michael Leaney hosted a community forum with Baw Baw's Director Community Infrastructure, Cohen Van Der Velde and Michael Debenham from Browns Stockfeeds and the Livestock & Rural Transporters Association of Victoria. The forum included a presentation of Council's advocacy efforts, before the panel answered questions from community members. 

Resources for business and industry.

The support of local business and industry will be vital in making sure our needs are heard on Spring Street.

Any opportunity you have to spread the word and amplify the message will help keep the issue front of mind as the State Government plans their upcoming budget.

Below are some resources that can help.

Letter of Support

A letter of support to our local MPs, relevant MPs and the media will go a long way towards assisting our joint advocacy efforts. 

Click here to download a Letter of Support template.(DOCX, 23KB)

Feel free to use it as-is, or to adapt it as you see fit.

Background information

Council recently hosted an online industry and business forum to:

  • Highlight the need for an improved arterial roads network and present the research done to date
  • Outline Council's advocacy efforts to address the issue
  • Listen to local the needs and perspectives of local business and industry
  • To discuss how we can work in partnership towards the common goal of a modern, fit-for-purpose arterial road network.

You can watch the full video of the industry forum below, or click here to download the slide deck(PDF, 23MB)


Connect with us

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If there is any way we can help you, by supplying more information or assets, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Frequently asked questions

Looking for more information about Council's advocacy for Drouin and Warragul Arterial Road Network Planning? Click here to read answers to our frequently asked questions.