Road Management Plan

Council’s road network currently consists of approximately 1770km of roads. There are approximately 1070 km of sealed roads and 700km unsealed roads.

The current Road Management Plan(PDF, 2MB) was adopted by Council on 9 July 2021. It establishes how we look after this road infrastructure.

The Road Management Plan and supporting documents have been developed in response to the legislative requirements as outlined in the Road Management Act.

What is the Road Management Plan?

The Road Management Plan (RMP) guides Council’s maintenance of the Shire’s road and path network, and provides clarity to the community about the kinds of services we deliver.

It defines different types defects of for which Council is responsible and establishes expected timeframes within which Council will repair each type of defect.

Ultimately, the Plan commits us to an inspection and maintenance program,  and it is supported by an appropriate budget.

Common Road and Path Defects

Defects on our road and path network are identified both through regular inspections and by via notifications from you, the residents.

Common examples of defects include:

  • A trip hazard along a pathway (e.g. tree roots or soil movement which causes a footpath to shift).
  • A pot hole large enough to  cause damage to a vehicle or injury to a person.

The repair and maintenance services we provide

Council undertakes road works and makes repairs to ensure that our road network is maintained to standards that are safe and suitable for all users.

We carry out a range of road repairs and maintenance services, including:

  • minor road repairs such as potholing
  • grading of unsealed roads
  • roadside vegetation maintenance
  • roadside drainage maintenance
  • signage and delineation maintenance
  • kerb, channel, footpath and bike path maintenance issues

Public Road Register

The Public Road Register(PDF, 8MB) identifies the roads or the parts of the roads that we are responsible for. The roads listed in this document are managed based on the principles and service standards outlined in the Road Management Plan (RMP).

We are the responsible road authority for: 

  • Constructed roads (excluding roads which are maintained by Other Authorities such as DELWP or VicRoads)
  • Pathways

The current Public Road register was adopted by Council in May 2024 and will come in to effect on 1 July 2024.

To view the register, email Council or visit one of our Customer Service Centres during normal business hours.